Showin’ the Growin’

So this is kind of a two-part blog.

First, the “good” part of things. There are a few sites out there that literally announce and applaud you when you increase your weight. Now, if you’re not a part of the gainer/encourager community, this may seem a bit odd – but yes, there are guys out there whose goal ranges from getting pleasantly plump to being as big as a house.

I should get out of the way that I’m not a gainer. Yes, I’ve put on a fair bit of weight in the past few year, and while I don’t have a problem with it – I didn’t gain the weight on purpose. To be honest, I started having a more sedentary work environment, I started drinking a bit more, and I stopped dieting more out of convenience than anything else. As a result? Leon is getting larger.

That having been said – I don’t think there’s an issue with people wanting to grow into a body that they feel more comfortable with. There are, however, limitations when it comes to keeping healthy amidst it all. The person who says they want to be as big as the bed, unable to move on their own, or take care of themselves? I worry about them. I won’t lie about that or sugar coat it.

That having been said – I do find round boys sexy, so on occasions – I find myself fighting the battle that is: sexy or healthy.

The reality is that I’ve seen a fair share of guys who have lost a ton of weight and still look UTTERLY adorable and sexy. There’s totally examples out there of people who have made the conscious decision to change their lives, and my desire for them to remain a physical object of my lust will NEVER supersede my desire for them to live a long, healthy life.

That does, however, bring us to the “bad” part of the blog.

I recently have seen a trend when guys announce that they’re going to lose weight. “Noooo! You’re so sexy, though… why would you want to become… gross and thin?” And you know what? Nothing pisses me off more than this.

Yes, it’s honest. You’re honestly telling a person how you feel to their face, rather than behind their back. Cool. But, you’re telling them “I really don’t give two fucks about you – I just want to be able to continue jerking off and dreaming of fucking you just like you currently are”. And that kind of stuff bums me the hell out when I see/read it.

I’m not going to jump into the middle of a post and call someone out for it. But hey – when Mike started losing weight, I was asked by several people how I was going to deal with him becoming smaller than me. News flash for everyone: Mike is now smaller than me. He went from 526 pounds to 260 pounds. He’s doing well. He’s feeling good. He’s healthy and happy. This is the most awesome thing in the world to me. So, if your goal is to try to make me somehow realize that I should drop him because he’s not a superchub anymore? You’re going to fail.

Really, though – negativity aside, I do love the way that there is literally a fetish site out there for everyone. And even if your PARTICULAR fetish doesn’t have a site of its own – there are always places like fetlife and recon for the sake of doing your own thing on a “kinky” front.

So, for now – it’s off to bed for me. I’ve got pills to take and winks to catch.

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