More than a Mouthful

**I should start this blog by pointing out that this was originally intended to be posted on Tuesday – but for some reason, I missed actually hitting “Publish”… then I realized it halfway through the day and by the time I got home and was able to fix it, well, it was already after seven at night. So, here ya go!**

It’s interesting to me that this year at Midwest Bearfest – they’re no longer doing the “most huggable bear” contest. Let’s be honest, though – was it really about hugability so much as audience interpretation of hugability? I mean, from my point of view – it would take a big, soft, warm man to make me just want to hug him over and over… but to other bears that were into the chaser types – having something small that you could envelop into yourself might be their determining factor.

It really is a strange and fickle system.

That having been said – this year they are doing a competition with titles involves: Midwest Bear and Midwest Cub – which are apparently titles that have gone unused for some time now. As another departure, there will be a new host of the competition in the form of Rex Wesley, who was Mr North American Bear 2014.

This may sound odd – but I’ve never been to a “real” bear competition of any nature. I know, I know – I’m sure there are a good deal of folks out there who have had negative experiences with them, but hey – as long as it’s fun and light-hearted and doesn’t involve Showgirls-level backstabbing and cattiness, I’m fine.

That having been said – I can fit my fist in my mouth. Just saying…

(Vote Bob, 2016)

I think it’s funny, because I just got back from St Louis not too long ago and I’m already looking forward to the trip to Indianapolis for Bearfest. The host hotel is now officially sold out and there’s a waiting list – but hey, you never know… things may open up!

For me – it’s all about lounging around in the pool and getting to see folks in a nice, laid-back setting. Work has been a bit hectic lately, and all I’ll say is: I could use some de-stressing.

Though I also will admit that starting to work out again has done wonders for me. I have more energy and surprisingly, I’m not nearly as sore as I used to be… My back and legs were shit for a while and I was waking up with pain daily. Now? I can pretty much go all day without issue… and that’s just gonna improve!

With that – I’m going to go pass out in a heap somewhere warm.

Until next week, peoples!

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