Spoiler Warning!

So, it seems as though lately – there have been a lot of people up in arms about the idea of having their favorite shows spoiled for them before they get a chance to watch them. Now, there are a lot of camps on this one – so I’ll try to be as open to other’s emotions on this topic as possible.

Now, let’s look at Game of Thrones as a prime example for the argument.

You’re a fan of the show, but you’re not home on Sunday nights to watch the show when it airs. That sucks, right? Then the next morning – someone posts how the episode ended and you become officially pissed. And this isn’t just “I’m going to pee in your coffee when you’re not looking” pissed… this is “we’re no longer friends despite all the years we’ve known each other” pissed.

Now, here’s the thing: it’s a TV show based on a book that was written YEARS ago. If you’re a “really big fan” of the show – I would suggest that you take a second to read the books. However, even the people who DO read the books first can be spoiled. Like if you’re one of those people who bought Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the day it came out and had someone shout “Dumbledore DIES!” before you had a chance to get to that part – well… you have justification for murder. That’s all I’m saying.

Now, don’t get me wrong – just because a show or a movie is based on a book DOES NOT mean that you can’t be upset when someone blindsides you with a spoiler. You can totally be offended if you want, because there IS a certain etiquette that we’ve had on the internet for years. On some message boards – you have “inviso-text” (basically white letters on a white background”, so you have to highlight whats written in order to see it). On others – folks will write a spoiler warning message and then make the reader scroll down (or click “read more”) in order to see the spoiler riddled content.

Personally – I usually give a TV show a few days before I talk about it publicly, unless I’m in private company that I know have all seen the show. It just seems like a nice thing to do.

For some people though – they don’t view things this way. They aren’t maliciously TRYING to spoil your enjoyment of a show – but they also don’t want their ability to openly discuss something to be spoiled either. Sometimes, it’s easy to see both sides of this kind of debate…

Then there are those people who know that spoilers piss people off – so they intentionally post shit just to troll others. Welcome to the internet. That’s just what kinda happens.

That having been said – it’s ironic because I did a post about this on Facebook earlier this week, and it seems like a LOT of discussions have been going on about the same thing! Hell, check out the Movie Bears Podcast for their take on the subject.

OH! And here’s something worthy of note: it sounds like the hotel for Midwest Bearfest is getting closer and closer to selling out. This is totally freakin’ awesome news for us – because it means we get the pool 24 hours a day while we’re there and don’t have to worry about noise issues! That having been said, if you’ve never been to this run (or any bear run in general) this is a GREAT time. Running from December 11-14th, it tends to be an EXTREMELY laid back run. Everything is conveniently located and the new host hotel has the same atrium/pool atmosphere as the previous one did (convenient for both hanging out or hooking up).

If you DO want to go, consider clicking this link: REGISTER!

The above link is for the new Affiliates program that the guys from the run offered. Basically – I get 10 bucks toward my run pass and hotel for every person that signs up using that link… so, hey – we BOTH win on this one!

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