So, already same-sex marriages are on hold in Alabama, after the ban was struck down. I’m not entirely shocked, but I am pretty hopeful that things get worked out better down there than they did in Michigan.

No offense to Alabama AT ALL, but I did say “so, Michigan is a less tolerant state than Alabama? This is not what I expected”. Because ya know – we have a perceived notion of what ANYTHING to the south is going to be like.

That having been said, Patricia Todd is making a pretty solid statement by threatening to “out” folks for their extramarital affairs. Do I really give a shit if a member of ANY Government body is feeling up someone else’s body? No, it’s really not relevant at all to me unless they’re hot. And I know some might say “well, if he/she is willing to cheat, then how can we trust them?!”

Do you REALLY trust politicians? Seriously? Who they fuck is the LEAST important thing that I’m sure they’re lying about.

One day we’ll start voting people into office who aren’t predominantly from backgrounds in law or business… but really, I digress.

Work has been somewhat obscenely busy lately and I have a stack of projects that I really need to start working on ASAP, but it seems like something always gets in the way before I can complete a task. Something new and priority that takes precedence and basically throws my world into disarray (which is amusingly easy to do to a person who has ADD). That having been said – I’m coping and managing alright. Sleeping well enough and maybe having a bit too much bourbon to wind down in the evening – but never enough to be drunk, so I think I’m safe.

Is it time for another vacation yet? Time for another bear run? I’m sure some folks would find it sad that hitting a run is the most relaxing time I have – but really, even if I’m constantly on the go, it’s all about the people that you surround yourself with!

So, until next time – surround yourself with all the right people!

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