Little Slap & Tickle

So, sometimes the reason for a comic is a little bit weird. In this case, I was having a conversation this afternoon regarding grappling rules in Dungeons & Dragons and… yes… this is what happened.

I was never the kind of guy who watched professional wrestling growing up. I didn’t celebrate the whole concept of a staged Gladiatorial combat in spandex scenario. That having been said – I DID watch the hell out of American Gladiators, which says… something, I’m sure. It also explains that bizarre fetish that I have for tennis-ball cannons.

Really, though – as I think I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I have three singlets that I’ve worn at multiple bear runs in the past few years, and at least two of them have shown up on Tumblr. That having been said – singlets are becoming more and more of a commonplace at a bear run to the point where I’m actually refreshed when I go to an underwear party and there’s a dude just wearing his undies. And I don’t even mean his “sexy” undies or his “party” undies… I mean just a pair of boxer briefs that he likely wears all the time. And for the record: I’m one of the people guilty of wearing more than just underwear (and I’ll probably continue that), so I’m not judging at all.

I’m not really a fetish guy when it comes to outfits in general, though. I dig them. I think they look cool and guys can sometimes look sexy in them, but I would hardly classify that as a fetish.

I DO like the idea of aggressive guys, though – so that’s definitely something you get out of the whole wrestling scene, so I might be able to understand that one a bit more.

In other news, I have officially failed to do ANYTHING about my foot. Apparently, I hate my body and want it to hate me (which my foot is succeeding at). One of these days, I’ll actually come home at a reasonable time and have the drive and motivation to take care of myself… but I really don’t see that happening anytime soon. Just wait until HiBearNation when I’m dancing (or doing what I PERSONALLY call dancing, which is… well… a thing).

Speaking of HiBearNation – I still haven’t set up my flight or bought my run pass… I have no idea why not. It’s like I’m just waiting until the last minute for everything, I swear. It does tend to be one of those runs for me that I’ve had terrible luck with. Last year, I was ill and couldn’t really enjoy myself despite making the trip out. The year before that, I just never really hit my stride. It seems like both years, I brought a weird negative energy with me that I’m hoping to leave back in Michigan this time around.

But whether or not I have a great time, at least Midwest Bearfest is looking to be a blast this year. Only 20 rooms left at last count for those who still want to go – and we DO have the whole hotel booked for ourselves, so no fear of children running around or any such nonsense.

So, with that – I leave you… until Thursday, lovely readers!


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