Cool Piece of Ass

The challenge always remains with a comic like this… should it be about bottoming or about chicken wings?

Decisions, decisions.

Let’s be honest, though… we all know what I’m going to choose to talk about: chicken wings. Because hey, I put on weight and now all I think about are fat guy things, right? Mmmm… chicken wings. This is one of those times when I wish there were an all-night wing place that would deliver some Carribean Jerk…

Hehe… Jerk.

I will admit, though – my ability to eat hot food seems to have disappeared. I LOVE the taste, but it’s that aftermath that I just can’t handle anymore. It’s like my insides became crazy sensitive to things that never gave me any problems before… Stupid insides. So, in order to avoid tears and screaming in pain in the bathroom – I still to the mid-range heat these days. It’s a bummer, but I have to do what I have to do.

That having been said – in the area of burning assholes – there was a “warming lube” that I used once that I’m told simulated hot wing sensations without actually having the enjoyment of eating any. And the last thing you want is for your dick and someone elses asshole to suddenly feel as though they’re erupting into flames, am I right?

That was one hot night, though.


But it’s like I always say – for a non-bottom to be told what bottoming is like, I imagine, is somewhat like the Matrix. You can’t be TOLD what bottoming is like, you have to experience it for yourself. Right?

In other news – tomorrow is fucking October. OCTOBER! How the hell did that happen?

I know that every year passes by faster and faster, but this October is one of those “things” to me that’s kind of a big deal. Back in 2009, I started this comic… and this, officially, is going to be the 5 year Anniversary. Crazy how time just flies by when you’re doodling and telling bad jokes, eh?

Ah well… until Thursday, folks!

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