Marital Bliss

So, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a lot of gay friends who are getting married. Right now, on my Facebook feed, I have at least three recent couples who are still posting wedding photos and the like, and it’s insanely awesome. Despite the fact that I haven’t been invited to a gay wedding yet (a reception, yes – but an actual ceremony, no), I still can enjoy looking through the pictures – especially at the happy bears who get an opportunity that has been denied to us up until this point.

The big question that I keep getting asked, however: “when are YOU planning on getting married, Bob?

My wedding is exactly like a Wizard’s arrival – it will happen precisely when I mean for it to.

Truth be told, I’m not in a rush. I know that it’s a major thing right now and I don’t be any means dismiss it – but I’ve been together with Mike for 15 years now and I want to make sure that when we do it – we do it right. We’re both now employed and he’s going through a lot of changes in his life right now with the weight loss and I think it’s okay to say: let’s wait until we’re both in a comfortable place and can really live it up. Right?

So, until that time – we should all celebrate what we’ve accomplished. We should all celebrate the acceptance and support that we’re finally receiving. It’s kind of a cool time to be alive.

And speaking of cool times and cool people – I have to give some love to Ford. A while back, we experienced some serious flooding in this area. I just got a notice in the mail stating that if I had damages from the flooding, I could call in to receive a one or two month deferral on my car payment in order to help me out with no late fees. Granted, I didn’t actually EXPERIENCE any issues, so I won’t be taking advantage of it – but it’s just kinda nice to be treated like a human being after you take out a loan for a car.

And for those following my little count-downs – it’s only one more week until my flight to St Louis… fun fun fun times!

And now – to head out for CPAP water… until next week, folks!

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