Question of… Importance

I should first point out that this was a random question that I posed to a friend today. He informed me that it’s not assault so much as it’s a sign that you’re a nerd. I had to accept that, given that shouting the “killing curse” from Harry Potter during the throes of passion would be somewhat… well… queer.

I’ve been told that on SOME occasions – I have a tendency to make unimportant things sound like they’re going to be the most important thing in the world. Mind you, I don’t set out to do this… it’s just the way my brain works. And on some occasions – I find myself building up something that I know is going to be a pointless statement and I’ll suddenly want to abort the conversation – because there’s no way that what I’m going to say is ever going to live up to the level that I’ve built it up.

I suppose sometimes, I’m a victim of my own subconscious desire for attention.

And being an attention whore can be a TERRIBLE thing, let me assure you. The day that I actually have something terrible to announce, I’m just going to have to blurt it out without any fanfare – because otherwise, people will have stopped paying attention or think that what I’m about to say is a joke. It’s like attention whoring is my own “boy who cried wolf scenario”…

I may as well start vaguebooking, next. People still do that, right? Sometimes it’s REALLY hard to separate the attention whores in that venue from the folks that actually are crying for help. I think that my one golden rule is: if someone that you know pisses you off or hurts your feelings – don’t make a public post about it. Find two friends that you trust – one who will always be there for you and emotionally supportive, and another who will ALWAYS lay it out for you and give you honest feedback on your situation. Sometimes you need a friend who will tell you you’re being an idiot… especially when you’re ACTUALLY being an idiot. Unless you’re too big an idiot to listen to them…

But anyway…

In other news – for some reason I waited this long to pre-reg for Bear Pride. The gameplan is an early train ride in on Thursday the 22nd (one month from today!) and then head home late on Monday (Memorial Day) night. I’ve been loving the whole concept of taking the train to and from the event… the ride home is made SO much easier, especially if you’ve been drinking.

Not that I’m going to be three-sheets DRUNK or anything… Hell, the more vitamin B they have me on – the more unlikely I think it’ll be that I’ll be able to MAKE myself drunk.

Oh! That’s right… If I haven’t mentioned it – I’m now on a handful of pills these days because of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The awesome thing is – we’ve all but confirmed that they aren’t actually linked to my weight. Yay? It turns out – genetically speaking: they run in the family, so the fact that I’ve made it this far without any issues is… well… a miracle.

Add that to the CPAP that I just picked up today and I’m on quite a roll! I would think that if I planned to have a midlife crisis, now would be my first chance. I’ve just totally proven to myself how “mortal” I am, right? But fuckit, though… As long as I can still throw down a sack of 10 White Castles, I’m doing okay – right?

Don’t answer that.

Regardless, I would think that now is the time when I should probably go and “get to know” my CPAP a bit more intimately… it is, afterall, going to be sitting on my face all night.



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