It’s Kinda Like That

We were, indeed, listening to Rent on the way down to Midwest Bearfest this past weekend. So, yes, as you can imagine – this conversation was basically lifted directly from that.

I think there’s a need out there to make fun of the current perceived “generation” and how they react to the world around them. “First World Problems” is a term that’s symbolic of treating something small and insignificant as though it’s the biggest problem in the world. The funny thing is that while I would TOTALLY be responsible for writing humor that surrounds that generalization – it isn’t “unique” to this generation specifically.

I can’t tell you the number of times I sat at my grandparents and listened to them bitch about the neighbors or things going on at church. There was meaningless shit that they bitched about back then – and guess what: that hasn’t changed! What HAS changed is that now, we have a way to make that public through social media and people aren’t shy enough to keep their opinions behind closed doors. For better or (often times) for worse.

I think there’s a certain point of view when it comes to “Millennials” as well, both professionally and personally. I’ve heard it said many times over that the “younger generation” don’t know what real work is, that they expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, and they don’t have “proper” relationships because they’re too wrapped up in technology.

Now, some would also say that I’m a member of that generation. They used to say that I was at the tail end of Generation X – but now it sounds like they’re wrapping up the argument with “anyone under the age of 35″.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t have things easy for me and my parents didn’t pay for everything in my life. Most folks I know in their 20′s didn’t have any of that either. They believe, like me, that you have to put in hard work to accomplish things. That having been said – they (and I) also don’t share the old mentality when it comes to the workplace and being defined by your job. We thrive for positive work environments and will explore other options when we don’t have it.

Regardless, I still like cracking jokes about “kids today” and the rest, just because its a cliche and it amuses me (what more reason does anyone need than that).

This past weekend, I should also add that I had a ton of fun at Midwest Bearfest, despite a few folks having some issues.

One of the awesome things about the run was that we rented out the entire hotel. There were NO other guests there and on the first night, I got to watch a pair of conservative couples get kicked out when they tried to argue that the atrium was a “public place” and no one should be allowed to tell them that they couldn’t be there. Needless to say – security gave us a wink as she escorted them out – because the hotel wanted to make us all feel comfortable.

That having been said – there is a downside to renting out the entire hotel for some folks: and that’s the “no run pass, no entry” rules. But I would really prefer not to get into that in this blog (and please, don’t jump into it in the comments).

For the most part, it was a weekend of friends, fun, gaming, swimming and waterslides. Thanks to those who set it up and thanks to those who attended. Really made my weekend!

So, until next week (OMG! CHRISTMAS!)…

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