So Sayeth the Dick

So, while I don’t actually speak to a disembodied celebrity cock, I do sometimes talk to myself. When I’m in the car, I’ll just let any thought that I have in my head out, just to hear how it sounds in the open air. I think that sometimes, I can find ourselves in that head-space where I just can’t get everything straight if it’s not spoken aloud… like I’m generating too much background noise by letting my thoughts wander around in there. I don’t know, though – maybe that’s just a part of having ADD… where it’s hard to get a single idea and focus on it with any great detail.

Regardless, I read somewhere online that Robbie Coltrane is uncut, which pretty much raises his sexiness tenfold. Not that I’m in any way ANTI-circumcised dicks. Every dick is sacred and perfect just the way it is. But slowly unzipping a pair of pants and finding foreskin? That shits magical.

Lately, I’ve had to remind myself that more and more of my straight friends are reading this comic and a part of me has said “you know… you could probably tone down the sexual stuff a bit…” But you know what – I didn’t DRAW the amazingly sexy uncut cock that I envisioned in my head, so that should be enough, shouldn’t it? And I know what you’re thinking, “Bob, why the fuck DIDN’T you draw that cock?!” And you know why?

Because I don’t have to. You’ve got it in your head now. It’s pretty much all you can think about, isn’t it? And you’re welcome.

There’s something that I’ve been contemplating that I feel like I should bring up in this blog though – because hey… why the hell not.

Now, some of you may know – I’m kind of a dumb guy. I really don’t monetize this site in any way. I don’t want to do ads (with the exception of the print on demand t-shirts and I really don’t sell a lot of those) and there’s just something holding me back mentally from even bothering doing a book. That having been said – pretty much the only want that I get “paid” for my comic is via paypal donations, and the feeling that I get just knowing that people are reading. Believe me when I say that even if I never made another dollar doing the comic, I’d still keep it up… that having been said though – I’m considering taking a short break.

After my last trip to Chicago, my friend Chris suggested that maybe it’s time to take a little bit of time off and work on some new projects… Let’s things flow and see where it takes me. And after a bit of time, come back and if nothing else: feel refreshed from having taken a proper break. That feeling has been echo’d now, multiple times – both here in the comments, in emails, and in messages I’ve gotten on social media.

Why I’m bringing this up now is because I’m considering taking this break through August. Just one month. It’s 8 potential comics which I already KNOW I’ll be freaking out about not posting… but that’s why at this point – it’s just something I’m considering. I’ve given myself the deadline of making up my mind by Thursday, though – so hey… no one wants to be blindsided, right?

Having said all that – it’s time to do some serious thinking and soul-searching… so I’m off to Tumblr. Nothing says “find yourself” like looking at a giant ass in a jock strap, am I right?!

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