Of Flannel and Fur

First and foremost, let me state that I totally do have a bear paw tattooed on my chest, so the clichés listed above shouldn’t be taken as insults… and it’s also worth noting that I do loves me a man in a flannel shirt. Mmmm… But that comes with my lusting after dudes in states of undress, not total nudity. I mean, don’t get me wrong – you want to show me the man-part parade – I will not turn away in disgust. Still and all, though – give me the hint of nudity, the accidental ass-crack, the flash at the urinal – and I’m in heaven. And that’s what this season is all about… subtle acts of nudity really emphasize on the Christmas spirit… or Christmas spurt. The pronunciation is similar.

Things continue to progress with the comic and I just tried my hands at a Zazzle t-shirt. Granted – right now, the design I picked was a Rick-red shirt (which you can customize to something cheaper) and design which I made up just for fun on the side and decided to post up to the site and on Facebook. I do love me some Santa, and why shouldn’t everyone else? Some of the best responses to the comic I’ve gotten in general have been to the Santa arc, which (if I can keep this going for the long-run) will be happening each year around this time. Will Rick ever bed the bearded elf? We shall see.

Regarding my cat – Max is doing better at this point. Not sure what was really wrong, to be honest – but for the time being he seems to be pretty well stable and returning to his normal self, climbing all over, begging for food, etc etc… And man did he get pissed when I explained to him today why he wasn’t getting any chocolate ice cream. Fucking eludes him entirely.

And look at that – my Facebook is nearing 200 fans – which is pretty awesome. Anyone has any other recommendations for updates and places to pitch the site, shoot me an email. I still get heaviest hits from Stumbleupon and Biggercity, but I think expanding out is a good idea. Because when it comes to my site, I’m a total gainer. I just want to get bigger and bigger and feed myself more and more fans until I become bloated and unmoving. I shall be the immovable object of gay comics. And speaking of which – there needs to be a better forum for gay web-artists out there… What other gay comics do you (my readers) read?

Don’t forget to turn out the lights when you leave, and light a candle in memory of Bearciti.

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Discussion (2) ¬

  1. MarcFrey

    “because they’re fuck-witted egotists that need a solid dose of ass-kickery to get the gerbil out of the large intestine and back into their brain-wheel where it belongs”

    A few comics late, but that made me laugh hard! And I also fully agree with it! Do become a mask avenger!

    Still loving the comics! Keep going man! Original and funny =)

    PS Colicub – I don’t have an xtube account =P Sorreh I will be checking though

  2. Glenn Lee

    Can’t stand flannel shirts, looks too tacky even back when they were stylish they were tacky.

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