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It’s Christmas Eve and with it – the last comic of the week! This comic signifies the end of my first official “series” and quite honestly, I’m leaning to do more of those in the future. They tend to be much easier to write, so it’s like mentally taking time off once I have the story down in my head. I’m a little bit odd, though – I used to read about how other artists would write scripts for their comic, then go back and edit it over and over… I write what I write after I draw my panels. I have ideas, but I want the comic to flow from the characters and the depictions… and I tend to be better at writing when it comes off the cuff, so to speak.

This evening, I spent some time in the local coffery (not a real word) and took in some of the bellifull (also not a word) patrons. One gentleman in particular did a good job of showing some flesh, and literally, thinking back – I am all the more creative for his offering. And thusly shall I now add a poem, written… just now.

Dear good sir, with shirt so high,
Your belly button exposed to each watching eye
How I lust after your ample shape,
My inviting mouth undoubtedly agape
By chance if but I could just see,
That ass-crack, you might flash at me
Oh look! What luck! To my elation,
I now have material for future masturbation.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the last comic of the week. The reason, however, isn’t Christmas. Actually, it’s my birthday on Saturday, so I’m taking the day off to relax a bit and hang out with some friends and hopefully have a grand old time. If you want to show your love, keep checking back as I’m working on new t-shirt ideas. One of which is already done (a little commentary on Tolerance/Acceptance) and more will definitely be on the way, including some basics for those who don’t think a naked Santa is really a t-shirt they would wear… I’m looking at you Bouchard.

And undressing you with my eyes.

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. MarcFrey

    No more comics this week D=

    Haha, s’all good :) I hope you have a merry Christmas and happy birthday!

    Happy holidays to all those who comment after me as well.


  2. Marvin

    Happy birthday!

  3. Glenn Lee

    I was actually wearing a santa suit today, you should’ve been there. Some chaser actually picked me up, swapped phone numbers and then had Santa fuck him and nut on his back :)

  4. Eric

    This totally made me LOL! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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