Underoo 4 Me and U

I tend to take issue with the ‘perfect man’ mentality. Today’s comic is based on a true story, not involving seven strangers with perfect bodies picked to live in a house and fuck like rabbits while being filmed. I was walking through the ‘downtown’ area and saw a few store-fronts with the gray mannequins in their little briefs… Mannequin is actually a loose term, it’s really just torsos and groins… and I just keep thinking that it would be a totally different spin on the Mannequin franchise if they made a movie where THOSE came to life… just writhing torsos… Dear god… but anyway…

I have no use for ‘sexy underwear’. My partner may well enjoy them, but I work hard at being a nudist and the few times that I AM wearing underwear, I don’t find myself showing them off to every passer-by. But perhaps these special gay package-wraps would give me a vast and greater desire to just drop trou and chase folk down on the street. I imagine if I did so whilst screaming obscenities, it would only add to the overall allure as well. The police would find themselves in an internal conflict, the decision of whether to arrest me or hump me would drive them to the very edge of sanity. The streets would erupt in anarchy. And so it’s for the good of the world that I just stick with free-balling.

So, for the sake of those who know me personally, I can only leave you with the knowledge that on most occasions in which you see me – there is only one fine layer of cloth between my junk and you. For some friends, this may come as an added enticement and a reason to buy me more drinks… To other friends… well… It was a pleasure knowing you.

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Discussion (6) ¬

  1. meg

    and to others…well we already knew that :)

  2. Colicub

    Meh, I’ve got enough underwear to make up for it.

  3. Glenn Lee

    I’ve got enough undies as well, I prefer to see my guy in a pair of undies.

  4. MarcFrey

    Great job as usual.
    The Dragon Age comic made me laugh hard. I need to get a copy of it now.

    Wish mannequin’s weren’t all so skinny too. Which makes me wonder… do stores that sells clothing especially for bigger man have big mannequins?

    I’ll have to go check that out now!

  5. Bouchard

    Reading a mans blog allows you to gleen information about him that you can turn into lessons for yourself. The lesson I just learned is: KNOCK, for the love of God KNOCK at Bobs tent before just flipping back the flap and inviting him to have some more Amaretto!
    Happy New Year to you Guys!

  6. Rondacker

    My partner and I are country queers and in our town there are no such thing as gay storefronts, but we’ve visited Chicago’s Boy’s Town and Ste Catherine Street in Montreal so they are no mystery to us. My question to “Gay Stores” has less to do with mannequins or underwear, and more to do with rainbow trinkets.

    Point being ~ how many frikking rainbow flags, bumper stickers, pins, t-shirts,tablecloths (and whatnot) can a body own? And how is it possible for a dozen stores in a handful of blocks that all sell the same merch supposed to stay in business? Just baffling, I tell you.

    Shops such as those get little business from me. But my partner buys those skimpy underthings, while me… if I can’t buy my undies at the hardware or hunting goods store I prefer to go commando, except in winter, when long-johns and union suits are just fine.
    Rondacker´s last blog ..exhibitions – Will Brady at La Paloma in Hartford My ComLuv Profile

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