Butt-Munching v2.0

This comic brings up a very serious topic. One near and dear to many of us, I’m sure. How many men are affected by this every year? God only knows. Because there’s never been a study done to really give us a valid estimate. This affliction?

Hungry Ass.

I’ve discussed it before in previous strips, but sometimes (just sometimes) the ass latches on and there is no plausible way to let go. It devours anything, be it dildo, cock, finger, Rolex… or in this case: condoms.

The story goes that there was once a chaser who had a fairly nice piece of manhood in the way of length, averaging about 7 inches or so, it wasn’t the biggest tool in the shed, but it also wasn’t the smallest. However, while its length was acceptable, its girth was… lacking. From what I’ve gathered, it was about the thickness of your average butter knife’s handle, to a point where it would be the penile equivalent of being fingered.

I suppose that would be considered less than desirable if you’re a bottom, though I wouldn’t TRULY know, because my ass was never trained in the art of Bottom Fu.

Regardless, I can imagine that if you’re not girthy enough to keep a condom in place, there would be some embarrassment if someone tried to come up with ways to help you keep it on… Like wrapping it around a cock ring or using twist ties or superglue. Hey – whatever it takes to keep it safe, eh?

And in other news – I think I’m finally getting over the illness. Yay for little miracles! Though I did have to go in to work when I was originally intending to be drawing the comic – so its being posted a little bit later (not that many of you will even notice!) God, what I wouldn’t give to have a few extra hours in a given day for sleep… Ugh!

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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. lilbearmi

    I, personally, would not mind meeting someone of this…stature. A long thin member goes down the throat a whole lot easier! It’s not always about the butt!

  2. John


  3. John

    I like the subtle inflating condom…

  4. Marvin

    Bottom Fu… And after reading the title I thought this strip was going to b about Karatossing The Salad.

  5. Bill

    I am really glad you’re feeling better. This weeks is funny, I love the bottom fu comment!

  6. Tom in COS

    So the trick to working with someone with girth issues….Female Condoms. You basically get to to set it and forget it. No worries about the condom getting lost, no worries about bruising ego’s because the girth to width ratio is a little out of sorts.

  7. DetCarGuy

    I always found the best guys in bed had smaller or in some way less desirable cocks! They really try harder and are more pent up so they really go for it when someone will get naked with them! Guys with big cocks just lay there like that’s all the effort they need to put out, so boring and hedonistic!!!

    Not normally a bottom, I have really enjoyed letting a smaller guy fuck me. One guy was so grateful and into it, he was one of the best nights ever! To avoid the condom problem, I layed him flat on his back and rode him, letting him hold the condom at the base of his small but eager cock!

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