Pudding P( o )ps

It’s true that the internet is a wonderful means for folks to come out of their shells and really say what they’re thinking. There ceases to be any need for common courtesy or casual conversation at all. We don’t walk up and flirt or buy a person a drink before directly attempting to get into their pants. It’s a convenience that I enjoy greatly, not having to look at a man who is twice my weight and wonder, “if I flirt with him, how likely is it that I’m going to get jawed?” Because the only real thing that’s ever crossed my mind is the fact that I’m fairly certain I could hold my own in a fight – but if I did get a good shot in the face (perverts) I would drop like a sack of rocks intentionally. Oh, I’m sure that the emotional pain and welling up terror that would encompass me would keep me out of work for at least a few months, as I looked out my window in fear of the outside world… and thusly would the prosecution rest as that hot fucker had to accept my hand in his wallet, rather that gently rubbing his ball-sac.

If only life would work out quite that well.

But other than that – there are some folks into some generally strange things out there on the net. I don’t ever try to judge, but I know I’ve had people tell me some of the things they’ve wanted me to do to them that has turned my stomach in ways I can’t rightly describe… and the knowledge that there may well be people out there who read my comic and would drop their shorts and beat off furiously to the description of those acts? Well, that makes me feel complete.

I also started work this week on a bunch of new t-shirts that I’m going to be releasing through Zazzle. I know that down the road, I may switch to another venue for products – but this seems like a generally good start for the time being. The first of the bunch is a simple Logo t-shirt, which I figured at least my straight friends could wear without having to worry about it calling their masculinity into question… And it’s also designed with the Bear-rainbow in the lettering, just to make sure that those rest area visits are a little more interesting… and perhaps more productive.

So, just remember – if you hear a tapping foot and see a hole in the stall – get your cock in there quick. Because it’s a suck or be sucked world.

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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. king00nayr

    Uggg…I think my love of pudding has finally been quenched…not to mention adding chocolate chips to my morning coffee…

    Maybe you should advertise this site as a diet plan?

  2. Colicub

    I remember once a guy asking if I let my long hair get really greasy because he wanted to lick it.

    The thought of this still makes me shudder. And take very VERY good care of my lovely long hair.

    Because I’m worth it.

  3. O-Digga

    Is Drew not wearing pants or underwear, or are his pants just flesh colored? Because I totally wouldn’t mind a comic with a fat guy who doesn’t where pants.

  4. Bouchard

    I was just talking with a friend of ours about the new shirts and how cool the logo looked. But now what the hell is a bear rainbow? I got the acceptance shirt, does that have any hidden “Im looking for the nearest Glory hole! ” meaning to it?

    As always thanks for the laugh keep it up!

  5. Head Artist

    @O – The pants are actually a light brown khaki – but it does translate pretty damn close to flesh tones. I think that Drew going through life without pants would just be amazing, though…

    @Bouchard – You just wearing any t-shirt screams “where’s the nearest glory hole” to me… But that’s only when the t-shirt goes with a kilt.

  6. O-Digga

    I apologize for not asking this in my first comment, but has anyone ever asked you or someone you know to eat pudding or have pudding eaten out of their ass? And would that qualify as tossing their salad? (That second question was rhetorical; please don’t answer it.),

  7. Jim

    “Tossing their salad” would surely involve ranch dressing rather than pudding, no?

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