Define: Straight

Sometimes, the truth hurts. In this case, the truth is that these depicted friends are only representatives of a greater problem. That show-tune lover, however, has two children and I think it would be unfair to insinuate the obvious implications of that. So, his identity shall stay hidden to protect the innocent… and Jake and Meg will be forced to sing the Music Man. Really, though – let me be honest here… most of my straight friends are conventionally “gayer” than I am. I’ve been told most often that my partner and I live like any two bachelors would live, and honestly – that’s a huge comfort… though this weekend we have all intentions of rectifying the current state of our home. The winter is a hard time on we of the fur persuasion… I’m somewhat certain that the more body-hair covers a man’s body, the more that he just wants to hibernate for the winter… and I get nowhere near the sleep that I should… My head tells me 8 hours, my body tells 6 months, and in honesty – I get about 4 hours. Blah.

In other news, I’m thinking I need to recruit some of my more ‘full-bodied buddies’ to model some t-shirts for me sometime here in the near future. Aside from the basic BtL logo t-shirt I have up right now, I’m going to be developing a few more in the coming weeks. Some as references to previous comics and some more on both the generic “safe” front and others on the more… risqué front.

I know that it always seemed funny to me how strange the looks are when I wear my Small Town Gay Bar t-shirt. I always wondered why people who read t-shirts feel the need to discuss what they say with you. “Small Town… what does it say there? Does that say ‘gay’? Is that a joke that I don’t get? Should I be offended? Am I gay now that I read it?” And the answer is ‘yes’. Sometimes it amuses me, and sometimes… well… I just don’t wear that shirt.

The guy who made Small Town Gay Bar (a documentary about gay bars in the deep South) is starting to get more information out about his new film, entitled Bear Nation… I’m intrigued by the concept of any Bear film, of course for the visuals – but more-so on the message… I mean, I watched Bear Run so I know where things can be right and where they can feel… awkward. So – I’m hoping that I can manage to get a viewing in and be able to adequately review it… What the hell – maybe I could even do that here. Who knows what the future might hold.

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Discussion (10) ¬

  1. AustinDave

    I always wondered why people who read t-shirts feel the need to discuss what they say with you.

    Isn’t that the whole point of wearing a shirt with some text or something provocative on it?

  2. Head Artist

    Not for me – because I hate people and usually – my t-shirts will announce similar…

  3. cmgirty

    im down fur modeling :)

  4. O-Digga

    You know, I’ve never given any real thought as to what “straight acting” really means if we actually think about how straight people act. Maybe I’m not that straight acting after all…

  5. Jake
  6. Colicub

    Hmm….maybe I should buy a shirt and model it next time I masturbate on camera for you?

  7. Dreamless

    Haha Jake and Meghan, you’re gay. I identify with this comic.

  8. Jim

    I think “straight acting” is defined by way of “gay acting”. Any appalling things gays do — suck dick, take it up the ass, dress in drag, embrace facial hair, play rugby, line dance, advocate for marriage rights, eat real maple syrup and fancy ice cream, see Avatar — are things that “straight acting” people don’t do. These days, that’s limited to attending (political) tea bag parties and watching the Golf Channel, I think.

  9. Glenn Lee

    Dear god I’ve seen so many straight/heterosexual/whatever guys and couples both acting do damn gay that I could’ve sworn to the all mighty satan above that they were the coordinates of the San Fransisco Gay Pride Parade. Straight Acting is something that should never be a checkbox. Have we forgotten that metrosexuals exist?

  10. Travis

    They do have a gay acting check box, it’s called metrosexual. And I hate profiles that say ‘Buch, masculine, str8 acting, you be too.’

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