Same Old Story

This comic was in part inspired by the marriage vote in New Jersey and more-so the coverage of it on the Daily Show… I watch the news these days with a stone-like countenance because honestly – some of the folks who were interviewed by the Daily Show just give away how ridiculous the argument is… I already did a comic about God’s message – but apparently the black gentleman with the ‘“No Gay Marriage” – God’ sign didn’t read it… Because I don’t really remember that exact quotation in the bible. So I think God has a striking case for libel. Also – the guy who said that homosexuals getting married would cause increased abortion rates… is there a little-known gay tradition that when two men get married they go on a celebratory jaunt around the town kicking pregnant women in the baby? I missed that meeting.

And here it is midway through a day and I’m finally getting to the point where I can write my blog to accompany the art that I just finished. Fuck, I am a pro here. Last night was busy with a festive evening of geekery with near and dear friends… and Ryan – you left your dice on my back seat.

That is not a metaphor, by the way…

I always ponder when I read Craigslist if there are gay fantasy geeks out there who are going to bite off more than they can chew. They’re fresh off the LARP field and get online and punch out an ad that says “into leather and roleplay!” I mean, casting ‘fireballs’ doesn’t seem to have much of a place in the bondage dungeon. Not that I wouldn’t love to get a party of “dwarves” together (read also: short, leather wearing chub-bears) and have a little bit of a throw-down orgy… Mmmm… furry bellies… beer spilling everywhere… belching… jizz… nom nom nom…

Gotta stop that thought-train before it derails me from my goal here…

And it’s when my mind runs off on tangents like that when I think of all my friends who have asked when they’re going to end up in a comic… Do you actually WANT to, people? If so, why? Just for the sake of being comic-ized? Because I do a horrible job on likenesses… and thus far all of my friends have either been singing, molested, or talking about/fucking meat-cans. This may not be the best venue for you… Though if you’re really serious about being a part of Blur The Lines – shoot me an email. Add a picture of yourself. Tell me why you want to be in a comic and something about yourself that might be a good jumping off point for a “theme” for the comic.

When it comes to the art here, I’m not against commissions for tips, either… Want to donate a little bit of green to my pay-pal? I’ll be your art-whore. What better way to break up with your boyfriend or out your last Craigslist hookup who gave you crabs? I mean, just THINK of the possibilities of what Blur the Lines could offer YOU!

PS: I also want to get pictures of folks in BtL t-shirts down the road for a bit of a montage page. So, help support the cause!

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Discussion (10) ¬

  1. Mike Z

    Nice, “there’s poop in there” that is still one of my favorite lines. That is one of the main quotes of A.S.S.

  2. cmgirty

    You. Are. Amazing. Also not able to purchase merchandise. WTF zazzle?

  3. Head Artist

    Really? Fuck me. Whats wrong with Zazzle? If its not letting YOU buy, I’m sure the same thing is happening to the other hundreds who were breaking down my door… Errr… Okay, maybe not.

    But still… *angry face*

  4. O-Digga

    I usually don’t get aroused by descriptions of typical sex (my sexuality is “alternative,” to say the least), but that description of the “party of ‘dwarves’ ” really had me going. If I were ever in a fantasy world, I would definitely be that odd male elf (I’m pretty feminine-looking, for a guy, so I would definitely be an elf) who hooked up with a male dwarf. Ooh, the adventures we’d go on… and we’d kill dragons too.

    Ah, right; there was a comic, wasn’t there? Um… fail asshole is a fail, and Drew and Rick look really cute together in the last panel. Keep up the good work!

  5. Bouchard

    Speaking of meatcans did you see that the new FleshLight now has VIBRO action. Yep thats right it has built in vibro-bullet holsters. Time to update the meatcan if you want to keep your market share.

    Sod-O-Mite Reminds me of JJ Walker on Good Times LOL

  6. Head Artist

    Dammit! I’ll have the guys in R&D whip up something here soon so that I won’t miss that train as its taking off… Once I get the prototype vibro-Meatcan – I’ll be sure to let you know so you can help with some tests…

  7. cmgirty

    Ok if you insist. However back to the merch. The problem lies when you go to the Blur the Lines “store” if you will. It says you have nothing

  8. MarcFrey

    “is there a little-known gay tradition that when two men get married they go on a celebratory jaunt around the town kicking pregnant women in the baby?”

    Can we really do that? o.o Pleaaaasee say yes!!

    Also, I think I mentioned this before, but I looove your comments =D I come on here not only for your comics, but also because your commentaries are so great XD

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Colicub

    If you put me in your comic I’ll make another video for you at some point. :-P

    I’m on Yahoo. Add me on Flickr.

  10. Glenn Lee

    Gotta love the American democracy system. Separation of Church and State was official but never really happened as people always drag that god damned bible into the fucking voting booths. I honestly think if it’s something that doesn’t pertain to you, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Should be a question before you can vote on the topic “Are you gay?” and if they say yes “Prove it, kiss one of the guys here long and passionately and then give him head and swallow his man juice.” Can’t even kiss the guy? You’re shot on site.

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