Wee-Quality NOW!

Nothing bothers me more than seeing the “Marriage =” bumper stickers on the backs of cars… And the most terrible part about them are that they have the little men and women symbols on the back which previously had been relegated to backroom doors. I think that’s why I’d have to suggest that everyone take part in a new campaign I’m running – it’s called the “Wee-quality Movement”, and it starts with you (and your bladder). What better way to stomp out hate than with the fresh scent of urine?

But hey – in America, we have the freedom to hate whomever we want to hate and state it as loudly and proudly as we desire, right? Man, Freedom of speech is awesome… unless you want to tell someone to their face that they’re a fucking retard… Because then you have to take into account the legal ramifications of “power-word F”. And the honest to God fact is that we’ve given a lot of power and personality to one little word and sadly, I’m a base enough individual that as soon as something upsets me OR makes me happy – it’s the first word on my lips. I have to assume it was all that Catholic school repression that got me to this point.

And speaking of Catholic school experiences, I think a little bit of today’s comic was influences by one of my favorite teachers way back when… I remember having the chat with him where he explained the nature of fighting. “Bob,” he said. “You never want to fight a woman. It’s not because it’s wrong to hit a girl, it’s just that you have to know they’re going to go for the balls first.” And he also pointed out that he would never break up two girls fighting out of fear they would go for HIS balls… Which, I might add, got me thinking about his balls… and thus did I lose any subsequent moral of that story as I began mentally masturbating. Bastard still doesn’t return my emails…

But this comic once again represents a continuation of a series of comics… I can’t say that Gay-Basher will be here on a weekly basis – but I definitely have a direction for him in mind, and the character will undoubtedly evolve. Some folks may be wondering why Rick could beat a redneck, but not the mother of “the One” several strips previous… The answer lies in the previous paragraph – chicks can be rough fights… Unless you’re like that chick from Jersey Shore who dropped like a fucking stone. If you have no idea what I’m talking about – go Google it, because watching that chick drop gives you this strange sense of pleasure that’s really frightening, embarrassing, and intoxicating.

Tune in next time – same fag time, same fag channel.

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. O-Digga

    I have yet to see one of these bumper stickers, but I know now what I will do if I see one.

  2. Sultmhoor

    I hate those ones, AND the “I LIFT DETROIT IN PRAYER” ones. I wanna modify them to say “I LEFT DETROIT TO SCRAPPERS” or “I LIFTED DETROIT’S WALLET”

  3. Marvin

    My favorite is ” Real men love Jesus” Who is this little Latin whore and why is he getting all the real men? Bitch must give amazing head.

  4. Glenn Lee

    Jesus does give amazing head. I know him personally and have slept over his house a few times, except he’s a mexican and pronounces the name Hay sUs.

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