A Poltergasm

Maybe you’re different, though. Maybe you’re the kind of guy that just lets it all land where god intended. I can’t be that guy, though – because with my luck: it ended up on the back of my hat and no one will tell me.

I think a new idea is that every time you shoot and can’t find it – you hit a ghost who whisks your jizz away into some spectral plane of existence, never to be seen by human eyes again. I also like to think that even ghosts/poltergeists would feel a bit awkward about floating in and catching you masturbating.

We went to see Paranormal Activity 4 this past weekend… and if you’re into the found footage horror movies, it honestly wasn’t too bad. There were moments where I actually felt invested in the movie itself – but then occasions where I seriously think the flick missed its mark. I get frustrated with movies that feel like they’re only designed to build to another sequel. It seems that most horror series these days don’t really want to sum everything up in an easily digested package. When it came to the first Paranormal Activity movie – I thought they did a great job of making an interesting stand-alone. It didn’t require more explanation, because really? I wasn’t asking any questions when I walked out…

But yet I’m still giving them money – so I guess they’re doing something right.

This is a crazy time right now, with footage of the hurricane all over the place – and we here in Michigan are just waiting to get what little of it decides to travel across the lakes over to us. For all the readers on the East Coast – I truly hope you are all safe and sound somewhere cuddled up against a big hairy heat-generating bear of your own.

Regardless, from what I’m hearing – things should be well cleared up by Thursday morning when I’m headed out to St. Louis. A bit of fore-warning, btw… I haven’t done ANY preparations for my trip out to HiBearNation yet – which means that I’m going to aim to get a comic done on Wednesday night – but there is a chance you may just be seeing a bit of a blog.

Don’t hate me.

Anyway – for now, be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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Discussion (3) ¬

  1. Roxy

    Have a safe trip. The weather in Missouri is supposed really nice this upcoming week, (like 60s/70s) But do keep in mind, weather here likes to change about every five minutes, so it’s not guaranteed to stay on the nice track.

  2. JerrBear

    I wish I could afford HiBearnation! Have fun!

  3. Rayne

    This one should be an animated short!

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