Porn and Pie

It’s not that there isn’t porn out there that exists with plot – but let’s be honest here… usually a guy who can keep his cock hard for a length of time doesn’t have the best chops when it comes to acting. Granted, my knowledge of porn is limited to that of the gay bear/chub variety… so usually things tend to be in the ‘my wife doesn’t do THAT at home’ or ‘so, how badly do you want this job’ variety. I’m not asking for the ‘No Country For Old Men’ of pornos, because the haircuts would be fucking terrible. But I guess that I would love something a little more tongue in cheek from time to time… And “Tongue in Cheek” by the way would make a great name for a rimming movie.

Now, I know that there was a Superhero Chub-porn that I had seen advertised on Biggercity once, but I can’t seem to find that one anymore. That, I can tell ya, held my interest for a bit. Enough to pay for it? Not quite… but man, I was giving that some serious thought. Why it disappeared, I shall not know – but man that’d be at least a bit of fun to view. Not that I have a thing for chubs in tights (unless its under-armor)… Never-the-less, I do wonder where it went off to.

And speaking of Biggercity – there is one feature there (and on 411 now) that I both love and hate: The Visitor’s List.  I love being able to look and see whose taken a look at my profile. It’s like a strange addiction. But the reverse of that is when you click on someone’s profile thinking they are exactly what you’re looking for and instead they’re, how can I word it, a chud. Then you’re sitting there thinking, maybe they won’t notice that I was looking at them, but within minutes, there’s the message in your inbox saying, “thanks for checking out my profile, you’re hot! Here’s some more picture of my malformed cock!” And you sit and question how delicately you can turn them down, and suddenly there’s another message in your inbox from them, talking about how depressed they are since everyone they ever loved died in that horrible “death-ray” incident last year. Then you feel like an ass for turning them down and pity starts to take over as they ramble on and on until you get to the point where you just log off in frustration, yet every time you log back on – there they are messaging you again… blah blah blah.

God, it’s always the same.

I should also tag onto the bottom here that I threw some banners onto the site (look up top under “Banners & Ads”). Nothing too crazy and flash oriented for the time being, but I had some requests and who am I to say no to that?! If you have any questions or comments about the size of the banners, let me know. I’m still working on getting a few more done, but if you specify what size fits best on the page you’re displaying – I will make em to order.

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Discussion (8) ¬

  1. Mike

    the flick is called “The Chubby Avenger and Handjob.” It is available on the video-on-demand section in Biggercity. I was interested in that film (and i stress the word “film”) also. Beware though, the film is not as long as advertised, you can read the comments in the review section.
    I can email you a link if you like, but I figured you would rather I not post one.

    PS. I am the KING of bear porn!

  2. grunter

    The word you are looking for is “hideous choad.” Not “chud.”

  3. Marvin

    Dude. Lose the guilt. Nothing says you have to play into every sad lonely chubs sob story. In most cases that story never ends. So I just politely say No thanks. Or sometimes I just hit delete. No biggie.

  4. cmgirty

    Best BTL EVAR!!!!! lol porn could have a plot but people would just fast forward through it. On BC I have a rule that if i see your dick before your face I cant talk to you. Just imagine how those convos go because Im VERY vocal about it

  5. MarcFrey

    Same here cmgirty. If your main pic is a dick, or you have more nudity than normal photo in your photo section, then I just reply out of politeness and tell them I’m not interested.

    Which they of course reply, I wasn’t thinking about that I just wanted to be friends.
    Which is bullshit =D Cause as soon as you give them your msn they as to cam. My block list is getting longer and longer =(

    But yeah… I try not to click on anyone’s profile because of that now =/
    And good comic! I’d like more story in my porno as well ><


  6. Colicub

    When I finally get round to buying a full BC membership, I will not have any cock pics on my profile. I save them for Xtube. Same name, it’s not difficult to look for if you really want to.

  7. Mike

    Wow. I looked up your profile and the first video I saw cracked me up. Why do people skeet on pieces of paper? Makes a good advertisement i guess?

  8. Glenn Lee

    I usually just fast forward past the storyline and let it get straight to the fucking. Mmmm yummy chubby on chubby porn *drool*.

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