Pope’in Ain’t Easy

Oh, hey… did you hear about the Pope resigning?! Yeah? Seems like that’s ALL that people wanted to talk about this Monday, but hey – it’s somewhat interesting, right? It’s happens so rarely that this is kind of a big deal, I guess. Though if you aren’t really the religious type (or if you’re an atheist) – then it was probably generally an annoying day for you.

I found myself being questioned on a semi-regular basis by folks who wanted to know what I thought, given that I went to Catholic school growing up. Truth be told? I feel nothing major about it.

I think most religious institutions have flaws. The problem with organized religion is that they’re organized by PEOPLE – and from the top down, claiming that you speak for God is way too much power for ANYONE to have.

Even the Bible itself I take issue with. Why? Because it was written by men who existed in an age FAR different than our own. I think it’s a cool book with some pretty solid life lessons mixed with some elements of morality that I can agree with (like don’t kill people and don’t steal, for instance) but to claim that a book is “written by God”? Hell no.

“But Bob! It was written by men who were filled with the Holy Spirit and He inspired the words that filled the pages!”

Well, shit then… I guess because you say THAT – it must be true! And every rapper that thanks God – I assume that means that their songs were penned by the Holy Spirit as well. Technically – both the bible and rap music teach life lessons, objectify and demote women to a form of property, and they teach you who the real enemies are. I mean – NWA may as well have been singing “Fuck The Pharisees”, right?

Too far? Maaaaaybe.

Anyway – I give credit to Pope Benedict for realizing that he was, well, “too old for this shit” and taking a step out of the ring. This hasn’t been a good reign for his holiness, and he really dropped the ball on many occasions where he could have made a change.

Let’s see if this next go round – they do it right. I’m not holding my breath, but who knows, right?

In other news – despite no TBRU on the horizons (which still makes me a bit emo, I will admit), I am looking forward to Bear Pride in a few months.

Who-all am I gonna see in Chicago this year?!

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Discussion (6) ¬

  1. ripjames

    Benedict definitely was not his pre-decessor (I think I misspelled that), and I agree, I am glad that he is choosing to step down to make way for someone that is more able to handle the job. Some of the conspiracy theories i’ve already seen floating around facebook are quite entertaining though.

  2. daddyurso

    unfortunately, we will not be making Chicago this year

  3. Tim

    I love the people who say the Bible is true because it says it is. It’s hard to even know how to address that.

  4. pete bone

    I hope it becomes a reality show. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest…
    Ryan and pope wanna be, Steve
    Ryan: So let’s see there’s smoke coming out….is it white or black….ohhh black I’m sorry you won’t the next pope, please pack your bags and leave Vatican City.
    Steve in the back of a car…
    Steve: It was great just to get a chance…(starts to cry) I made a lot of good friends and I’ll always remember….sniff sniff…

  5. grunter

    Yes, but I’d still rather listen to Skrillex over about 90% of what passes for pop music these days.

    Taylor Swift? *gack*

  6. Frank

    good job! i snorted from laughing so hard!

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