Hatin’ on tha Hater

So, the other night I saw a group of three skinheads walking down the street… Chatting and laughing (I assume they were telling racially charged jokes or discussing the intricacies of a curb-stomp) with their shaved heads, combat boots with red laces, suspenders, and one with a massive swastika on his coat… Seriously – I’m going to be honest here and say that if ever there was a group that made me want to throw down – it would be those fucks. But they taught me in school that in order to hate, I must first love… but I kind of think they mixed up being a Catholic with being a hippie on that one.

Curb-stomping, for the uninitiated who haven’t seen American History X, is when someone bites a CURB and another individual STOMPs down, crushing their skull (and their hopes to one day be in an Old Navy commercial… I’d imagine). It’s possibly one of the most disturbing scenes in a movie I’ve ever seen, right next to Kathy Bate’s nude scene in ‘About Schmidt’ (I didn’t see it, but I heard about it and I went mentally soft for about a week). But still and all – AMX was a film worth watching, so you too can see Ed Norton as what my boyfriend calls the “Hottest. Nazi. Ever.”  getting ass-raped in a shower. That doesn’t hold a lot for me, but I don’t judge.

Speaking of ass-rape, I’m still going through mental anguish when it comes to this diet. I swear, last night I was confronted with a man’s ass-crack, and all I could think about when I look at it (with its dusting of dark hair) was cinnamon buns. What I wouldn’t give for one of those right now. But no, perseverance and whatnot. I have to lose the weight, so I can maintain my ‘chaser/otter’ physique – because then I’ll get better responses to those craigslist ads I put out there. Not that I actually put them out there with the intention to catch anything, but hey – if I can’t be kidnapped and ransomed to find out what I’m worth, I may as well gage it by the number of horny guys who take the time to go through CAPTCHA in order to send an email.

Regardless, I’m still trying to schedule the year out, and seeing as there is no way I’m making it to IBR – I have to logic out which gay events I’m going to travel to in order to semi-pimp the comic here and try to get out a bit more awareness. I figure there are two methods – glad-hand my homo-brethren or find a way to build controversy with a celebrity of some nature. So until you read my name in the tabloids – come and shake my hand!

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Discussion (12) ¬

  1. Magebear

    Many chasers slide toward chubness… come to the dark side, we really DO have cookies!

  2. DetailBear

    Only your hand? Damn!

  3. Tim

    The swastika skinheads are a problem. However, it must be borne in mind that the skinhead movement was originally an ANTI-racist movement, and that many anti-racist, pro-gay, etc., skinheads exist. It irks me when the media insist on referencing skinheads in negative contexts without ever stating that there are skinheads who do NOT engage in violent acts, etc. (I’m reminded of the time someone from Hillel told me that I was deluding myself if I thought there were any non-nazi Skinheads. I told her I KNEW several, for years and years, and she still said I was wrong. Whatever – people who can’t distinguish between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are in no position to judge others’ ideologies anyway…).

  4. cmgirty

    Its funny you mention that because my boyfriend and best friend just watched that movie while I was at work. I used to live with a nazi. Swastika on his fore arm, red suspenders and all. Yeah he knew I was gay. He also talked to Blacks, other gays, jews….. Pretty much a big ass douchy loser who was a poser so he would feel special…. All nazis are douchebags. ALL of them. Im sorry Tim but while the skinhead movement was originally anti racist. Big douchy people have taken it over. So maybe anti raccists could maybe NOT look like nazis…. just a thought

  5. cmgirty
  6. Sultmhoor

    lol, where was this? Royal Oak?

  7. grunter

    Really? Pepsi is the neo-nazi of sodas?

    I thought that distinction was reserved for Squirt.

  8. GlennC

    Come to San Diego for pride on July 17th and then stay for Comic Con the following week. Two great times to run around in a superhero outfit to promote BTL.

  9. Head Artist

    @Magebear – I would kill for cookies
    @Detailbear – the shaking of other things is another discussion entirely
    @Tim – See cmgirty’s comment… douchy people ruin everything for everyone… Though I will do my best in your honor to adjust my verbage in the future
    @Chris – I’m gonna have the boyfriend try that recipe… I can only cook pizza rolls, and sadly those aren’t South Beach friendly
    @Kevin – Yeah, I was watching them out the window at Caribou – go figure!
    @Grunter – I had a hard time picking between Pepsi or Tab… and I love citrus soda – so there is no chance that Squirt would get that cross-hair
    @Glenn – You’re making too much fucking sense right now. That sounds like a great damn time…

  10. Tim

    What does a Nazi look like? In a way, this type of analysis is a bit like the people who would tell me I didn’t ‘look’ queer.

  11. Glenn Lee

    I hate tards like that, always hateful and ignorant. I find that it’s usually someone religious, so my cure for all the hatred is to instill concentration camps for anyone in any cults.

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