Bear Pride Bound!

The title today means I’m bound for Chicago and Bear Pride, not that I’m expecting to get “bound” at Bear Pride… At least I would assume that I wont, given that IML is the more LIKELY place where that would happen, right?

As tends to always happen, there isn’t a real official “strip” today, because there’s just been too damn much that I need to do!

There’s been a lot of lead-up to this one, and I DEFINITELY will be coming back with stories. If things are like they were last time, I’ll be taking notes on my iPod most of the weekend, so I can reference them when I get home.

It’s nice when you have very little to worry about at this point.

For those who AREN’T attending the run, let me show you the ad that’s going to be in the Run Book:



In addition, I also was asked if I wanted to do the Bar Crawl Map for this year, which I jumped at because it sounded like a good bit of fun. I’ll post that one up here on Tuesday once we get back from the run.

As I’ve said before and will say again: meeting people who are familiar with the comic is an AMAZINGLY flattering thing. I love to know that readers are out there and actual REAL people, so I’m hoping that I get to meet a bunch of you.

And for those folks who may have seen the ad, the bar map, or possibly even the “Chaser Friendly” pins that are going around and are visiting the site for the first time: welcome and be sure to click around a bit to get a feel for the comic!

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I’m posting this 4 hours before I have to get up to get ready for my train… so I’m going to go pretend to get some sleep…

Booze, Bears, and Bellies – tomorrow!

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  1. adurabull

    That ad is awesome!

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