The White Stuff

So, yes – the heavens did open and cover the earth in a blanket of death. For folks who don’t live in a state that has snow as frequently as we do here in Michigan – fuck you. Also, so that you understand what we go through around this time of year – imagine rubbing astro-glide on the bottoms of your feet and then walk across a well-polished floor, covered with patches of broken glass… You’ll want to be careful – but at some point, you know you’ll be picking glass shards out of your rump. And that’s the anticipation that driving on a well-iced road brings us… You always know that time that you’re going to be fucked. It feels like it’s happening slowly – like the road is buying you dinner, talking about the things that interest you, and then as soon as you get into the seedy motel room – BAM! Face against the carpet, ass in the air, railed repeatedly until you don’t even remember your name.

Yes, I am now relating an icy road to date-rape… but its oddly fitting, I think.

I will say quite honestly that I’m busier trying to accomplish all my goals these days than I have been in years… In the past 12 years, I would honestly say that I’ve always had an online video game that I was immersed in. Be it Everquest, City of Heroes, StarWars Galaxies, WoW, Warhammer, etc… There was always SOMETHING – but these days, I can’t even imagine how I would find the time to play something like that even if I wanted to. Granted, my time management skills suck. I spend way too much time driving back and forth to coffee houses so that I can find my inspiration, when I should just find a way to draw in the apartment and forsake all the devices of distraction that surround me… but hey – sometimes you just need a good cup of coffee… and what would my favorite barista Liz do if she didn’t have me there several nights a week?

Okay, she might not really be affected, but I’m going to pretend there would be a “missing Bob” interval that happened… and an empty feeling in her soul.

But at least there is one thing, the thing that keeps me sane through all the troubles and turmoil. Pornography. I still have it. I still love it. And thanks to porn and Craigslist, I’m fairly certain that I will have an overabundance of material for this comic. But in a Nietzsche sense of the world – if I look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks back at me. Which means I must be careful when I watch porn, not to BECOME porn. Which for those folks who have seen some of my online profiles – I think I may have already failed there…

My bad.

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  1. Glenn Lee

    I know what that feels like honestly. It snowed here in Prescott, AZ not even 2 weeks ago and got 6 inches here. Black Ice sucked even worse. What sucked the most though? The fucking idiots driving on the shit when they have no clue how.

  2. Glenn Lee

    P.S. Craigslist here sucks for cruising sex, especially for a chub. I’m a vers bottom with a super chub vers top that can’t top (biiiig tummy)… damnit. Come down here and give me a snow plow until I forget my name!!!

  3. O-Digga

    We were told we would get a huge amount of snow here. All the local schools were canceled, as well as the night activities I usually do. Once it hit… I’d say we got about a half-inch. Talk about petering out early.

    BTW, don’t feel guilty about driving back and forth to coffee houses. If people would be like you and just start spending money again, we could be out of this economic crisis.

  4. choochoo68

    we get lake effect around here so i feel your pain.
    although i wouldn’t call it angel seed.
    more like satan’s semen-sticks to everything and is a bitch to get out of your clothes.

  5. jbodary

    Aww come one, the roads weren’t that bad, at least not in Lansing – though we did get at least a good 7 inches ;-)

  6. grunter


    You had me at “seedy motel room” and “ass in the air.”

  7. GlennC

    Nice and sunny here in San Diego. Neener Neener Neener! Just pay no attention to the brush fires and earthquakes.

    I too played EQ and SWG but like you, I just can’t find the time to anymore. Way too much time spent looking at porn.

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