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So, I must admit that today’s comic is LOOSELY based on a true story. The fact of the matter is, there may have been a Facebook group for bears that exploded on Wednesday due to a concern rising over racy pictures. Now, was it anything as bad as described in the comic? No. However, it’s still one of those slippery slopes – because I do believe that some folks out there just can’t resist sharing a glamour-shot of cock.

There are arguments of merit on both sides of the coin when it comes to what should be considered “acceptable” to post in a public forum. If you want to show a picture of yourself shirtless – that shouldn’t be a MAJOR issue. In your underwear is a bit more of a gray area, and courtesy would say “maybe I should hold this one back”. Hard throbbing cock? Well… I like to leave that for Tumblr or a private circle on Google+.

Some have made the argument that a group can simply be “hidden” if you don’t like the content that people are posting… but again, I think the issue is respect and courtesy at that point. I have a job where I am fortunate enough that I can keep Facebook open and no one will say “boo” about it. Hell, I’m friends with my bosses on Facebook – so it’s not like I’m that overwhelmingly concerned about replying to an ongoing discussion on a social media site during my day. However, when I have to quickly scroll down my page and pray that no one noticed the “naughty man bits” that someone posted… well, that makes me a sad panda.

Then again, I also had someone recently start doing the “dead baby animal” posts, so just logging into my social media accounts can be a game of Russian Roulette lately.

All of this said – it comes down to the logic that you can’t please all the people all the time. Something that you post is going to be offensive to someone else. How you RESPOND to that offense really is the most telling thing. If someone says, “Hey, I’d prefer you didn’t do that” and you respond with a “FUCK YOU! It’s a free country and I’ll do whatever I like and you can SUCK it!” – well, you may need to look at how you handle things in Cybersville.

But oh well.

It’s nearing one in the AM as I write this blog, and after 3 hours of sleep last night, I’m thinking I probably should have been asleep a LONG time ago now. But laundry needs doing and comics need drawing.

If there were one random prize I could win (aside from several million dollars or immortality), it would be a lifetime supply of Red Bull. Granted, my heart would stop beating after a year, but I fucking love the stuff too damn much and it costs WAY too much. I’m also pretty sure that those tiny cans last about 3 sips before I’m on empty and itching for another one.

Stupid caffeine addiction.

In other news – the preview for the next Hunger Games movie actually looks pretty damn good. This is confusing to me because of how casually I dismissed the first film as a knockoff of Battle Royale. Did I make a mistake here or what? Hmmm…

Things to ponder while I try to sleep.

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Discussion (5) ¬

  1. bigbearseviltwin

    what is that yellow thing? It starts out looking like a condom then a Band-Aid , and in the last pic it looks like a lemon reamer. I is confused.

  2. Joseph

    he’s putting a condom on his hand?

  3. CowboyPm

    well in the world where the saying is one size fits all is not true, some of us are not that blest with porn dicks to start off with, and finding a XS condom would be nice, it is no fun making do with a finger condom that a Doc uses to be safe

    have a nice and good day and do not let the STDs bite

  4. Matthew S

    I love the implied fourth panel; makes me wonder how many other BTL conversations actually ended with Rick inserting himself into another character… I’m guessing most of them.

  5. Marvin

    You know i’ve found in my experience that the guys who bitch most about people taking ofense to something they did and scream, “It’s a free country!” or, “If you don’t like it you can block, hide, filter, whatever… – this feed, channel, community [etc...]” or even worse, “Why are you looking at your Google Face Space Twitter at work? You should be working!” These guys are usually the biggest victims and the first to nail themselves up to a cross when you do the slightest thing that they find offensive, like bringing a friend who happens to own a vagina to your local gay bar on a Tuesday night.
    And then when they get busted for violating the TOS, that they agreed to, it’s also a big ass martyrdom.

    See, I read the blog too!

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