Fatties on a Plane

So, for those who look at this comic and don’t understand a word of it – there’s a story now, spreading like wildfire about director Kevin Smith having been basically booted off a plane for being too large for the seat he was in. Now, regardless of whether you love or hate Kevin (and obviously, after the last time I mentioned him – there are some folks that feel pretty strongly in both directions) – being booted off a plane because of your size is fucking terrible. Now, to me – the hardest thing is thinking of how I would react if they told my partner he couldn’t stay on a plane because he was too big and it caused a ‘safety risk’ for him to be there. I know, I know – a lot of places make it open knowledge that if you’re too large to fit in one seat, you have to buy a second – but we’re a country of fat people for the most part. Very few of our citizens are the “MTV standard”. So maybe the time has come to actually think about making some plus size seating. And when you really think about it – I have some friends who are over 6’7” and they have to technically buy two seats due to their size for comfort. There’s something wrong with that.

Kevin talks about the whole story in his newest “SModcast” – which was basically just a running dialogue as he goes on a tirade and tells the entire story. I recommend giving it a listen – as his wife does her best to get him back on track when he starts to trail off. But as we’ve already established, I enjoy this kind of thing – because it covers the two things in my life that I know will always be there…

  1. Chubs. I don’t foresee a planet full of thin-people in my lifetime.
  2. Drama. Fucking can’t get enough of it. Unless it involves me. Then, it’s fucking gay (I’m looking at you, “David”)

Which I suppose is why so much of my time these days will be spent on beardrama.com… But to end my little tirade here about this topic – Southwest is now dead to me. Every time I’ve gotten on a plane, I dreamed of getting that seat between two heavyset dudes who I can’t help buy rub up against as their bellies protrude over the armrests and settle on my sides. Lightly caressing their sides with my elbows and maybe even “falling asleep” and accidently finding my face nestled on top of a moob. *sigh* Oh, to dream.

In other news – I’ve finally corrected an issue with paypal that may well have been causing donations by any folks who were kindly enough to throw them my way to be bounced back. It’s always amusing when you realize there is an issue with something that you didn’t know there was an issue with! One more opportunity to actually get paid for doing something that I love done get fucked up! Ah well!

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Discussion (8) ¬

  1. BigBellyMI

    I have to say that I was pretty angry to hear the SMODcast and how badly Mr. Smith was treated. I think he handled it well, and didn’t make a scene on the plane, and I applaud his crusade against Southwest Airlines. Frankly, I think that the airlines expects most fat people to be so embarrassed by what happened to them that they just go away and get brow-beaten into buying an extra seat. And on the subject of the CNN report – it was appalling! No where in the report did they mention that Mr. Smith was not only seated, but in it with both arms down, and already buckled up! And that when he questioned his fellow passengers, they responded that he wasn’t bothering them with his “size”. But of course CNN gave Southwest three quotes and press releases pretty much exonerating them of any wrong doing because it was “policy” – and they just blew off K.S. claiming he normally buys two seats anyways. Nice journalism CNN! Could you pucker up and smooch any more SWA ass? There’s one airline I’ll never consider using, even if my life depended on it!

  2. BigBear4xl

    I love this! One of the things I have noticed since 9/11 is that airlines now have raked in all manner of discriminatory policies under the umbrella of “safety/security”. In 1995 and 1996 I flew from NC to Chicago for Bear pride with my partner of the time, who was well over 500 lbs. on both occasions, and neither one of us were required to buy extra seats, or were remotely hassled, and the first leg of the initial trip, we both sat on the aisle seat across from each other. This level of discriminatory behavior by airlines has only gotten this bad since 2001. I have flown Delta, American and United in the last few years and never once had any issues with my size, and I know I’m a bigger fatty than Kevin Smith. It really depends on the airline and the circumstance, but, as he says in the podcast, Southwest is the el cheapo “bus of the sky”, and their customer service is, apparently, nonexistent. Not only that, but when my mom and sister flew Southwest to see me a couple of years ago, they lost my mom’s luggage going in both directions. Will never fly them. Now, I have been discriminated against American Airlines. Coming back from Fiesta in 2009, I was harassed on the final leg of the flight by some cunt at the boarding gate in Dallas due to the size of my carry-on bag. This same bag had fit perfectly fine with no issues in the overhead bins on 3 identical planes prior to this point, and the woman humiliated me in front of a huge throng of people because the flight was packed and she forced me to check my bag. It was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the smallest carry-on bags on the plane. As I got to my seat I watched at least a dozen passengers desperately trying to cram bags twice the size of mine into overheads. Needless to say I was furious and felt singled out because of my appearance (big fat bearded guy with visible tattoos).

  3. Head Artist

    I would just like to point out that I would be happy to be wedged between the two folks who have commented on any plane, any time.

  4. bella

    oh wow! i am completely with you on this one, Bob! And want to thank you for making such a hilarious cartoon on the very day that i desperately needed a good laugh! awesum!

  5. GiantFatty

    I for one will continue using SW.

    What people don’t seem to realize is that for those of us who genuinely need two seats on a plane, SW’s policy is about the best one out there.

    We buy our 2 tickets, yes, but we get priority boarding, the space of 2 seats, and as long as the flight isn’t oversold (note: oversold, not full) you get the 2nd seat refunded. I’ve always received my refund, even when the gate agents are announcing that a flight is oversold.

    SO I get 2 seats, for the one dirt cheap air fare.

    And SW agents have always treated me well and gone out of their way to accommodate me.

    While I feel for KS and his bad luck in happening to have ended up getting some crap customer service (which, IMHO, happens with every airline), I’m going to have to stick with SW.

    But I still love your comic ;)

  6. cmgirty

    Please the Pilot saw Jersey Girl and Catch and Release and was embarrassed top have Kevin on his flight. End of story. lol. In all reality the pilot was probably just some doucher who saw the passenger list and thought he’d throw his “weight” around….. (See the pun? I’m fucking adorable) Either way it’s an issue.

  7. Glenn Lee

    Chub Seeking Love Probes!

  8. Jim

    The story showed up in Schott’s Vocab, a New York Times vocabulary blog, dubbing Smith “the MLK of Fatties”:

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