A Show of Character…

So – this comic once again plays to my inner geek… Which is something more of an outer-geek, I suppose. I do indeed love to play a rousing game of D&D – and the character “Rhim Deepdelver” was actually one that I created in an MMO when I was trying to come up with a ‘naughty’ name without being over the top. I find that most of my characters in D&D have had personality types much like my own…  at least, much like my own in my head… because you can save money on your stay at the Inn each night if you’re sharing a room with some slut whose hammered at the bar.

As time has passed, I actually find that (much like the ‘definition’ of a Bear) I judge video games by their portrayals of dwarves. Some have dwarves which are little muscle-bears, fuzzy with 6-pack abs and huge guns. Nothing wrong with that… But then there are games like Warhammer…


Rhim in action – because even dwarves have Prison Bitches…

Sexy beer gutted dwarves that you can strip down to skimpy little loincloths… and they even have achievements for performing quests and getting kills while naked – encouraging you to do so! Fucking amazing. Hot. And if it weren’t for the fact that I just don’t have the time to do ANYTHING these days aside from drawing and working – I’d likely still be playing it for exactly this reason. Look at that fucking picture up there… *sigh*

Okay… time to go wax the old dolphin to some other screen captures… Nothing helps me sleep better.

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  1. bigbear4xl

    Love it. Dwarves are hawt indeed. I never cared for Warhammer as a game, but I do think they mastered the hotness of dwarves. I almost always play dwarves in MMOs, as I am in LotRO and WoW.

  2. O-Digga

    Oh my. Is that the shortest the beards can get in Warhammer? Because they are seriously blocking the view of that belly.

  3. jbodary

    huh, I never did play warhammer – I played wow for a long time though. I don’t have time now to play anything much either, but I do miss it! All those belly references lol, keep that up and I’ll start sending naked pics of mine ;-)

  4. Lunar

    My personal gay geek lust is Orcs, big chubby blelly, muscular arms, hairy body Orcs :D And in this new game called Allods Online (which is free!!) you can make them chubby AND hairy! GOOD LORD! Some one up there was looking to make my wish come true *drools* Here is a screen shot

    Unfortunately for all the dwarf lovers out there, they are not currently a playable race in this new open beta game which is like WoW meets steampunk and space pirates.

  5. Lunar

    OOPS! That screen shot link is http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/lobo_en_fuego/orc1.jpg Seeing is believing!

  6. Cubx

    Love it. I really want a dwarf in W.O.W, but i hate the alliance with a passion. Great comic strip btw, I always get a good chuckle from your work, keep bringing the laughter.

  7. jbodary

    Just tried allods – those are some hot orcs!

  8. Glenn Lee

    That’s just too freaking awesome :) *hump*

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