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My favorite holiday is once again in full swing, and I didn’t do any of the average “dress up” for the party games at all this year… Sometimes, going to a Halloween party is a great way to look around at a group of people and decide what role-play fetish you want to make your next exploit, “Hmm… I could be with the big butch cop, the naughty doctor, or the mentally deranged party clown…” And nothing says ‘I love you’ like sodomy mixed with grease paint…

So, realistically – this strip had a heavy influence from some of the Zombie-walks happening around the country this fall. There’s something inherently homoerotic about a dude eating another dude’s entrails… or in this strip’s case, another dude’s junk. I mean, I know this isn’t as glitzy as a Twilight born foray into the world of sexy vampires and sexy werewolves, half dress and giving intent stares into the camera with their pursed little ‘fuck me’ lipped mouths. Those kids aren’t my bag, though…

But really, you know why Zombies are more relevant than ever? Its H1N1. The dreaded swine flu… because just go into a crowded mall these days and pretend to have a coughing fit and watch the reactions. Man, talk about irrational fear (or it technically could be rational)… It’s just like when I used to fill my mouth with ketchup from the local McDonalds before I gave those glory-hole hummers… Just hearing the reaction when the guy on the other side of the wall pulled his dripping, tomatoey manhood back through that hole made the ass-kickings totally worth it…

Okay… MOSTLY worth it.

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  1. FurrBear

    I get the impression you might really get off on WereBear porn. ;)

  2. D

    this remind me something of an actual gay zombie movie called L.A. Zombie

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