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Well, whether this is indeed befitting his “grace and beauty” – it’s a first offering to my not-so-mysterious benefactor. First and foremost, when I’m given a selection of pictures of a person to pick from – how do you say no to rocking hardcore sideburns above a beard? I mean, technically, right now – I have a full beard, but Rick still maintains the goatee… Just because visually its more pleasing to the eye-sockets. And because Rick is not me, but rather my own personal “cartoon Tyler Durden”, who lives a crazy life outside of my own “real life” whenever I close my eyes. But really, this was my first opportunity to delve into the concept of gay and library and how they fit together in my head initially. Trust me – books are made out of trees… trees are made out of wood. There will be more comics on this subject… mark my words (or bookmark them, because that’s what the internet is for).

Aside from that, I spent the evening working on my comic as opposed to going to “Wall-to-Wall Fur” tonight, which I’m not sure how good a trade that was… I mean, undoubtedly it would have given me some comic material, but it made me realize that I’m going to become that guy that travels everywhere with a little notepad. I’m be scribbling in it and talking to myself whilst giggling. That’s totally not sexy. Unless every now and again I take time out to lick my pen – maybe deep throat it a bit – then get back to writing… I wonder how my customers at work on a day to day basis would respond to that?


I’d like to say a couple things here as well – firstly that the Donations link over to the right? It was totally used by someone who I now want to have man-babies with. I think that it comes down to a Chasing Amy quote, “If I sell two copies, I feel like John Grisham!” Well, whenever I sell a shirt, get a donation, porn in an email, or just an email from one of you telling me that you’re enjoying the comic? Same fucking thing. I totally identify with that concept… I’ve got the day job that I have to do to make ends meet, and the job that I love that I get to do on the side. I’d do this for free if I even thought one person were enjoying it – everything else is butter…

And I don’t mean butter in a Caligula-sense here… because I don’t go for fisting.

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  1. S. James

    Heh, great comic, was nice to see Shawn again even in comic form :) That reminds me, I’ve got to ask him about his fetish thesaurus.

    Anyway, the BF and I love the comic :) Cheers!

  2. jbodary

    Awesome, just awesome. I used to work for a library and that actually did happen occasionally, though not with the hobbit.

  3. O-Digga

    *looks up “hobbit” on x-tube* Shit, no kidding.

  4. MrPibearian

    heehee, brilliant :) but would I honestly expect any less from you?

    The sad thing is, that isn’t the worst thing you might find in a book. Or in a book return slot for that matter!

    It’s funny, I was thinking about trimming the beard back that way this month!

  5. Magebear

    Oh Bombur… how I have missed you!

  6. dragodraco

    I just founf your site…..unfuckingbelieveable. The toon strip is wonderful, but your rolling commentary with each strip is such a treat. Great job. Are you sure you aren’t a stand-up comic in real life? Great material.. Love your work


  7. Isthean

    love your Blog and ART and LOve hobbits ….mmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Colicub

    I’m pretty sure I did add you on Flickr……you can see all my naked pics that way!

  9. Glenn Lee

    Hobbit porn, just … wow man.

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