Sex-Toy Story

So, I still obviously have an infatuation with the concept of the Fleshlight. I’m sure it’s just because I’m jealous of its lifestyle. I mean, sure – I guess that if all I wanted to be was a living cock-receptacle, people do still keep gimps in boxes and only pull them out when it’s time for sex… So, maybe I’m not really THAT jealous… because if I didn’t get a say in who stuck their dick in me? Well, ew…

I did today’s comic due solely to the fact that my comic was severely lacking in the arena of inanimate objects becoming animate and holding discourse. I grew up with the Disney mentality that when I leave a room – everything comes alive and has little adventures around the room until I walk back in and they play dead. I think it keeps life more interesting, and it also fulfills that inner exhibitionist in me that needs to know that when he beats off, he’s being watched by a veritable army.

I also got two things which replace the bear-flag pin that I had on my drawing bag:

First, this bracelet thingy… Its little and rubber and has the Bear rainbow on it… People think it’s a humane society bracelet, and I just don’t have the heart to correct them… “Aww… it’s all the colors that dogs come in!” “Yes… Yes it is.” And then there are the folks at work that have asked for a more detailed explanation of what it means (or what it means to ME, more importantly). Then I have to explain that it’s the type of guys I go for… I like em big and hairy. “Big… in the pants?” “Yes, large hairy testicles.” “That’s gross.” “It’s also not what it means, you just went there and I opted to continue.”

Second, the “bear” patch. Currently it resides on my light-weight coat that I basically wear year-round… I usually put it on over a hoodie in the winter and it’s a nice summer evening jacket. Whee. I can only say that I wish there were an official “chub” flag – because man, would that cover things easier…

Apart from that – I’ve come to realize that I need to assess what I’m going to be drawing when I choose my coffee house destination. Drawing dildos and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (don’t ask… yet) tend to draw attention for some reason, and the last thing I want is a bible-thumper coming over to see what funny pictures I draw. I do my best to look foreboding… I’ve gone back to wearing all black and just trying to convey ‘anger’ for the duration of my evening – but still, there’s always that guy that just can’t keep his eyes on his laptop and wants to catch an eye-full of my partially inked perversions. Maybe the answer isn’t to hide it, though – but rather to offer enough distractions around the coffee house that people don’t even CARE what it is I’m doing… Like just sit down and draw a bunch of cocks on napkins and litter the floor with them.

Actually, I think I’ll just do that anyway…

Update: I have to add, my Google Adsense ads (which were a tiny bit of money anyway, but still) were converted to a single PSA because I run an adult/mature content site, “akin to pornography”. Woo! Go me! I lost my Ad revenue, but I gained a classification: smutpeddler!

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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. AustinDave
  2. Sultmhoor

    The two newest characters in Disney’s Beauty & The Beast 4!

  3. anthony reschka

    all i could think of when i read this comic was the xkcd comic its like somebody stuck a vibrator in a fleshlight. which is the most unsettling mantlepiece decoration in my house

  4. cmgirty
  5. cmgirty
  6. MarcFrey

    Haha! Wow at all the links. And way to ruin Toy Story for all of us =P

    Speaking of bracelets, I’m having a friend make me one soon =) Can’t wait to see how it turns out =)

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Glenn Lee

    Ha! Dildo in a Fleshlight, why didn’t I think of that? *grabs his fleshlight and dildo*

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