A Pity Tr’uck

I’ve spent my fair share of time at truck stops when traveling. Often to just go in, use the bathroom, buy a soda and head out. Never once, that I recall, have I been hit on. Maybe I just don’t make for good road meat. Maybe I’m not desirable in a “let me show you the inside of my cab” way… I mean, I remember back to when I was younger and at a rest area with my folks – a guy woofed at my Dad and I had no idea what was happening… This would have been roughly 14-15 years ago… And I remember BSing with my Dad about how weird that guy was (and really, it was only because the guy was fucking HOT and I wanted to talk about him as much as possible *sigh*). Apparently, back in those days – my Dad was Bear-bait and I didn’t know it… and now that just makes me feel all kinds of creepy.

Jumping off in another direction – we went to see Alice in Wonderland the other day. I’ll state for the record, I am a fan of Tim Burton films – so this one was… well – a Tim Burton film. It was visually appealing (and 3d) the characters were almost as overblown as the visuals, and it had a good spirit to the film. It’s nothing as groundbreaking and new as some of his earlier films – but hey, he has a style… and at least it wasn’t Planet of the Apes. Now, as far as Tweedle-Dee and Dum… I’m not saying that I’d enjoy watching an animated porn of the two of them in an incestuous relationship – but what I am saying is that I wouldn’t NOT watch that porn if it did exist.

And one more thought for the road: this is my favorite time of year to live in Michigan. The weather is getting warm enough for both shorts and coats… which means soon enough – the chubs will be out in full force, not covering themselves with layers upon layers, but opening up my field of vision to more ass-crackery and bottom-bellyage than even a lecherous sow like myself can handle (which is physically impossible). I look forward to once again being able to catch a glimpse of skin and make that little inappropriate clicking noise out of the side of my mouth that strangely, many people make towards squirrels (and I make towards chubs). Which makes sense seeing as when I’M making that noise – I want to give them my nuts.

And with that, the strip has come full circle.

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Discussion (6) ¬

  1. FurrBear

    Hell, I’d do him. ;) I miss my truckhawkin’ days…..

  2. Marvin

    You draw the hottest cartoon guys sometimes.

  3. jbodary

    Heh, I used to get hit on at rest areas all the time. Never get out to them anymore though. Now bodyzone in detroit.. well thats another story lol.

  4. Lunar

    That is the hottest guy you have drawn so far. Can you set me an him up on a date? :P *fap fap fap*

  5. BearLuvinFuzzBall

    The squirrel comment made me snarf my soda. I call the fuzz above my ass crack a squirrel so I think your clicking noises are COMPLETELY appropriate.

  6. Glenn Lee

    Rule34 man, there’s porn of it, no exceptions ;) You know how to contact me if you wish to see said pr0n.

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