Karnal Kiltery

There’s something about a man in a kilt that just gets me going.

Kilty Goodness

*Censored to protect the innocent… the CLOSE to innocent…

Technically, it’s like a guy running with a lowered defense system. Normally – you’d have to battle through belt, zipper on pants, and underwear in order to get to the goods… with this system, a quick reach under and you have em by the jockeyed sac – or if you’re lucky (and they’re going regimental style) straight-up easy access. So – I suppose this strip was inevitable, at least for the middle panel – which I had too much fun drawing. Let’s just say – there were a few other versions of that panel where I had to self-edit a little bit. Even if Google-Adsense says that I’m pornography, it doesn’t mean I really am! I mean, I am totally “pornography” on a personal level, just not on a website level.

In other news: huge number of hits lately coming from bellybuilders.com, a gainer site and message board as best I can tell. While I may not be a member of the growing girth campaign, I do so enjoy the eye-candy of a large man… so welcome one and all! Grab a box of complimentary donuts and kick back and enjoy some of the backlog of comics. And by complimentary donuts, I mean magical donuts that tell you how sexy you are and how you “eat them better than anyone” – not donuts that I’m going to provide for you… because I don’t have funds for donuts for ME, let alone YOU. Psh.

I’ll also add to that list my Fans from Facebook – who are undoubtedly awesome. I put out a mention that I had almost made it to 400 fans (and I’d hit 300 in February) and wanted to try to get that little extra push so I could say “I got 100 fans in a month!” Well, a month’s time isn’t over until Monday – and my number is close to 450 now. Really reminds me how much I enjoy what I’m doing – and that people are actually READING it! Oy!

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Discussion (9) ¬

  1. Una

    Hey, I know that guy!!……

  2. Noob

    You have to at least post a photo that’s uncensored :)

  3. bella

    ummmm…. horrified and not in a good way right now.

  4. Magebear

    Big Boy + Kilt = *Melt*

  5. O-Digga

    In that second paragraph, I think you meant to type “While I may *not* be a member of the growing girth campaign…”, otherwise the contradictory structure of the sentence makes no sense. Also, as it is, you are implying that you are an encourager, which, while it would be awesome, is, as far as I know, not true. While I’m at it, commas would work better than dashes in that sentence. Ok, sorry, I’ll turn off the grammar Natzi part of my brain now.

  6. Head Artist

    Corrections made.

    A lesser man would delete YOUR comment and then act like the post was like that all along – however, I must be true to myself and admit defeat. Though not without blaming lack of sleep and being utterly distracted by the dude in the kilt… *swoon*

    I also love dashes WAAAAY too much.

  7. Bouchard

    That had me me laughing for 20 mins at least. So did kilt man get the “Job”???
    Thank You and keep doing what you do. Very funny stuff.

  8. Glenn Lee

    But, but … I like donuts :( *wimpers*

  9. Travis

    The only proper way to ware a kilt is regimental style…and best for giving kilt checks.

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