Limp Wrists

Every now and then – I like to draw something that just borders between art and sheer pornography. Obviously, it leads to a bit of arousal when I sketch a naked fattie, however I’m still trying to think in terms of comedy. One day, I’d love to pull a Titanic and just “have to draw” a chub, spread naked on a bed. It just sounds like the most voyeuristic act of self-control humanly possible… Add a little “happy wrist time” for the chub, and it would be like showing a man who’s dying of thirst a picture of water.  But luckily, I don’t often find myself in that situation, eh?

Really, though – prostates are important (I’ve been watching too much Shear Genius). Having someone shove their finger into your ass? Also important. I opted to spend some time online doing research on male responses to prostate exams, and it seems pretty universal. Most dudes get turned on by a finger being crammed in their ass. Now, I’m not that kind of guy who likes the idea of being made into a human sock-puppet, but hey – maybe I’ve just never experienced the “right” wiggling digit doing the prostate-polka… but maybe I’m also okay with that.

I’m also amidst the preparation stages for my trip to Boston at the end of the week. There is still too damn much to do, and holy hell did I not realize how much this was going to run me… 31-42 a day for parking? Damn, people… I think I need a bigger wallet for this crap, or just to not eat during my stay… because when I die of starvation, that’ll totally save money. However, PAX should be a good load of fun (is there every really a bad load?) and I’m looking forward to checking out the hot east-coast chubbies dancing around the lobbies like its gamer’s Christmas. Whee…

I’m also trying to decide how landmark an event 1000 fans on Facebook would be… or SHOULD be. I’m almost to the point where I feel like I should celebrate it like a birthday, because while I believe it to be still a few months off at least – it’s one of those things that helps remind me that what I’m doing here is real. Well, okay… getting the pictures from a certain unnamed individual of he and his partner in their home-made underwear? THAT made is real… real SEXY! *fist bump* But really, I am appreciative to everyone for their contributions to my mental well-being. Be it through porno, emails, spreading the word, spreading the love, hiding the bodies, or just plain visiting the site. I love you all…

Especially the ones in the home-made underwear. Awww yeah. *fist bump* *explosion*

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Discussion (12) ¬

  1. sfspdad

    Wow,,,,just wow! Thanks so much…….

  2. S. James

    Just laughed my ass off… in store bought underwear.
    S. James´s last blog ..Episode 2: Better Know A Book Store My ComLuv Profile

  3. O-Digga

    Now that’s what I call fan service!

  4. James Figueiredo

    “..brag about the awesome power of your rectum to everyone.”
    Man, just how do you come up with these lines, they’re AWESOME!
    James Figueiredo´s last blog ..Outono / Autumn My ComLuv Profile

  5. Bouchard

    You guys have a safe trip and when you get back we will have to meet up for lunch and tell us all about it. Stories are always funnier over General Tso chicken.

  6. Tim

    My doctor doesn’t do those as a matter of course until one is 50. Mind you, I can’t say that (a) from my limited experience of such things being done (i.e. someone trying it once to see if I would like it), I find it arousing or that (b) I would find it arousing from my doctor, as she’s female.

  7. Tim

    Though this does jibe with what the presenter of a BDSM workshop said about the rectum the other day – I had no idea until she spoke of its tendency to be grabby… ;)

  8. GlennC

    <—— Has been accused of having a hungry ass. :-o

  9. Glenn Lee

    That’s just far too damn rich. I loved it!

  10. Dr. T

    Dude, why are you driving in Boston? That’s madness, seriously. Save yourself money and headaches: cancel the rental car and just take the T. There’s a stop right there at the hotel. (Or walk, depending on where you’re going.)

  11. Marvin


  12. Travis

    I may have assgasims when I have to get a prostate exam. I bet you the Dr. can make me bark like a dog!

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