The title of this post wasn’t original.

This would be what my friend Kevin called my current “illness”.

I’m feeling excessively run down. I’m coughing like crazy and I just want to crawl back in bed and disappear for a few days.

So for now – recovery takes top priority.

That having been said – I’d like to thank all the folks I met at TBRU for a fantastic time. I had some great conversations and managed to meet a TON of folks who are fans of the comic – which always gives me a bit of a charge.

Granted, I spent a lot of time hanging out in the Crown lobby, talking to folks and occupying couches whenever possible… because for me – that’s what I dig about bear runs. Sitting around, sketching, and chatting with people… or listening to people, because hey – that’s where some of the BEST comics come from.

So, if you spent any time in the lobby and feel like you didn’t see me – you may have talked to me and not even realize it…

That having been said – I was constantly being mistaken for Daniel Franzese from Looking/Mean Girls, which was a bit comical. The fact of the matter is – I look like a shorter, fatter, beardier version of Daniel… but that didn’t stop people from coming over to tell me how wonderful my body of work is.

There’s nothing weirder than being told “I love your work!” and thinking that I’m talking to a fan of the comic… and then find out that they have never heard of the comic and were talking about an HBO show.


So, until next week…

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Discussion (3) ¬

  1. Arthur

    That could be everyone there knowing you

  2. Chris

    You’re way cuter than Daniel F.

  3. Kev

    I confused Daniel Franzese with you… you are better looking. So, sorry for my mistake.

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