A Matter of Perception

So, I’m sure there no one out there looks at me when I come back from a bear run and thinks to themselves “that dude stinks of man-sex”. The reason I think this? I fucking shower.

Often and in shame.

That having been said – it’s actually a bit of a hard thing returning to “the real world” after a run. That timeframe where you have to resist the urge to flirt with EVERYONE. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met guys that treat every day like it’s a bear run and go over and talk to people and flirt like being gay and into big dudes is just something that everyone understands…

That’s a world that I’d like to live in.

But sadly, we don’t – so I stick with just hitting on my hot straight friends shamelessly. At least I know that they’re never going to judge me (too harshly).

That’s how it goes, though… yet it won’t stop me from wishing that giving people belly rubs was more socially acceptable.

So, ANYWAY… if you caught that last comic from Thursday – I ended up getting sick. Seriously and annoyingly sick.

It was one of those “you’re only going to have a fever whenever you try to exert yourself or dare to try to sleep” things, so I managed to get through some FANTASTIC fever dreams. Yay for that, right?

It did put a damper on being able to adequately go back through my TBRU experience in my blog and discuss the awesome time that I had and some of the great folks that I met.

Ah well. I’m sure you’ll see spasms of Texas love from here on forward as the comics come rolling out.

That having been said – it’s the start of another week and it’s back to work for me…

So until next time, take care of yourselves… and each other.


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Discussion (5) ¬

  1. Tim

    I really should get to one of these events some time, though if it’s like the only other Bear Run I went to, in 2006, I’d probably spend most of my time alone in my hotel room, glad to have three days off where I can do nothing but sleep and not have to make breakfast or do much housework. Most of the events were in bars or bathhouses, so I didn’t feel like going to the main happenings. :( Still, it’s a bit weird to be a Bear at this point in my life and history and never to have gone to a big Bear event (the one in Toronto was kind of small, though I enjoyed the things I did go to…no sex, though…).

  2. Wrecks

    Not only shower, but shower with lice killing shampoo. Everywhere.

  3. Fred

    Yeah, I get something similar after a kink event, especially a camping event, but really just an “ordinary” weekend at the local dungeon. I never know quite what to say when asked if I had a good weekend. “I had a great weekend!” just opens up for more questions. “I had a great weekend – first I was restrained while several people worked me over with a violet wand, then my Goddess loaned me out for blowjobs” … well, that just seems like TMI for some people. (Pity, as it really was a great weekend!)

  4. david

    yeah i came home with a sun burn that i still have and a cold that is lingering – I get a cold when ever i go to dallas –
    hope you get over it all and feel better soon


  5. dpbear

    I got a cold and I didn’t even GO…


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