To Con or Not to Con

So, yeah, there’s definitely a challenge on whether it’s worth it to go to Gencon this year.

For those who don’t know what this comic is all about, check it out HERE.┬áIt’s been reposted by George Takei, so more than likely if you’re on “the Social Medias”, you’ve seen it.

I know, I know – there are a lot of states where this kind of thing already exists – where a business can choose to discriminate against it’s clientele for “religious reasons”. This isn’t a “new” or “unique” concept in any way.

That having been said – it’s a step beyond saying that you’re not going to get a chicken sandwich or order a pizza from a particular establishment, isn’t it? I really don’t want to boycott the entire state just because the politicians who represent it are raving dickbags. And that’s a part of the problem, ya know?

So, yes… more than likely I will be returning to Indy this year and we’ll just have to see how the city responds to it’s gay community. I have a funny feeling that for most folks: it’s business as usual. Just because you have a right doesn’t mean you want to shoot your business in the foot – and a paying customer is a paying customer.

But oy, enough headaches for tonight…

I’ve managed to work my way through MOST of my illness by this point, but it keeps coming back. And now, as though it weren’t annoying enough, I seem to have made the boyfriend sick as well.

His issue involves a LOT more nausea and body aches, so I’m going to claim that I had NOTHING to do with his. So there.

Anyway, calling it a night early.

Time to head off into sleepy land and pray that sleep comes better than it has been.

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