OG Hookups

No, I don’t tend to be the type who will hook up with people at parks or public bathrooms – however, I’ve met my fair share of people who gets their “excitement” from that element of random anonymity that you can only get from meeting someone at a place like that.

For me, I’m a bit of a safety nut, so even if I were having sex in a public place – it would be (by preference) with someone I had chatted with online first and knew how to reach. Because I want to leave that information somewhere, just in case I end up being cut to pieces and littered throughout a forest somewhere.

That having been said – I’ve noticed that a lot of people are extremely dumb when it comes to random hookups. Like they’ll go so far as to give you a fake email address that isn’t linked to anything else and a fake name that isn’t linked to anything… but then they’ll give you their phone number… which is linked to a Facebook account. It’s always really hot to look up a dude to see if he is legit and get to see pictures of what a loving father he is and how much he supports Romney.

Yayz for secret gayz!

So, I’m sure that everyone has heard all the “to do” that’s still happening in Indiana. I know, Thursday’s comic/blog lightly touched on it – but I feel the need to reiterate that I find this whole thing fucking ridiculous. It’s hard not to feel strongly about organized religion when it’s used as a weapon by the bigots and closed minded in order to discriminate.

I love the fact that through this all, the argument remains that this “isn’t about discrimination – it’s about religious freedom”. Okay… so, if we’re going to launch ourselves directly at the slippery slope – I think you’re going to be unhappy with the results.

Regardless, if something DOESN’T happen at this point, I think Indiana’s economy is going to be destroyed from this backlash… and for those of my friends and readers who live there: I’m sorry.

Here’s the thing – I’ve heard people say “well, if you live in Indiana, you should fucking MOVE or you’re a part of the problem!” If you’re one of the people who have used this argument – you’re kind of a dick. No one WANTS to be stuck in a state which basically hates them… but there are ALWAYS things which keep us in places that may not be the best. And even in a state with a smattering of bigots, I’m willing to wager there is still a strong group of folks who would fight for their community and the diversity of it’s people.

So, go easy on the folks who live in Indiana. This isn’t their fault. They didn’t vote for this.

While everyone is spreading the hate – we spread the love, right?

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. Cubziz

    “No one WANTS to be stuck in a state which basically hates them…”

    Yep, that’s how I feel about Missouri. A place that didn’t like gay marriage so much that they banned it both by a regular law AND a constitutional amendment… which refer to each other and thus are some weird chinese finger trap in the legal system.

    Could be worse… We could be in Illinois. ;)

    (Just kidding… Love Chicago, though not much of the rest of the state. Hehe…)

  2. Tim

    Yeah, the whole ‘move’ argument is an interesting/odd/illogical one. Maybe a person would rather stay and try to fix things. Akin to those who ask why I didn’t move to Toronto to find a supportive gay community. Well…(a) how presumptuous that I haven’t found one here (or that that’s even relevant/part of ma agenda…) and (b) I wasn’t aware it was some legal requirement. :)

  3. lilbearmi

    Dennis and I are caught in the middle on this “Religious Freedom” issue. We were married in Angola, Indiana, last December. Angola was chosen because I grew up partly in Indiana, but also because we are part of a Renaissance faire there, that was designed around his character, and we have hundreds of friends there as well. Our problem is, what if this law sticks, and someone should decide that we can no longer rent our hotel room, or that we can no longer eat where we like to eat; or, what if someone suddenly decides it would be fun to express their religious freedom against the King and his court? Another thing, how long until another Westboro Baptist Church springs up, and torments the community, or someone decided that they have to commit sacrifices in the name of their religion. All of which, if this law exists, are a good possibility!

  4. cubx

    I’m the opposite. I hate the state I’m in. As for park hook ups. I’m very guilty of doing that. I seem to meet more big ole daddy bears there than online.

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