Gay-mers Abound!

I think there is a fine line between hot and kinky roleplay and random pink-haired cosplay (which means costume play for those who don’t get it… the folks who dress up like characters at conventions). There were a lot of folks in costume at PAX this past weekend… Some fairly good – some fairly terrible. Sadly, none of them did I look at and think, “I’d like him to be wearing THAT to bed!”  Still and all, as I pointed out in my other post – there was definitely some eye-candy… and if things go well, there should be some pictures attached to my post this time, so that those of you who share my taste will be able to enjoy the festivities…

It’s also worth note that I am not an asshole. While some folks out there may well claim I attempt to incite internet riots and raid ruckuss… ruckusesse… ruckuses, I would be no means do any such thing. I’ll keep that in mind, however, I should ever joke about virgin sacrifices – because if I do, an anonymous person will show up to give a polite berating on behalf of the virgins and make accusations that many virgins have already died by my words… or some such non-sense. If I really had this evil power over people to make them do my will – I can assure you, I would already have piles of cash in front of me and a hirsute/chubby foot-rest. Wheee… but I fucking don’t, do I. Sometimes, people need to take the world a little less seriously.

And btw: Thanks to Manhunt for the kind review and to those visiting and taking a look at what I’m doing over here at BtL. It’s not much, folks – but I call it home.

Now – bring on the chubby geeks!


Three Chubbies in Line… I'll take the one on the right…

Chubs & Dice... Delicious

Chubs & Dice… Delicious

I actually approached to "ask" for this one...

I actually approached to "ask" for this one…

White shirt had belly showing every time he stood up... NOM!

White shirt had belly showing every time he stood up… NOM!

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Discussion (12) ¬

  1. choochoo68

    this is why i like game night at the local comic store

  2. O-Digga

    Nom indeed; no other words need be spoken. I really need to go to one of these things some time.

  3. James Figueiredo

    The expression on Rick’s face is PRICELESS.
    James Figueiredo´s last blog ..My head is ON FIRAH My ComLuv Profile

  4. MrPibearian

    hehe, I was at comicpalooza this past weekend and it was much the same thing. So many chubby geeky guys there. Lol, myself included I guess! :P

  5. latexcub

    wtf.. theres no chubby guys @ the comic shop here .. or well ones that bathe anyway. haha.

  6. G

    Quick note, luv. Normally we quote movies on gaming night with Muffin Man, The Queen Bee, Mr ADD and Boofy. Last night the comment that brought down the house during gaming? “I’m sure it’s Hungry Ass.”

  7. Toyboy

    woofs. Thanks for the strip, and for the photos.

    now, if you could combine them and get the guys in the photos to strip…

  8. Tim

    The local comic shop here, on the few occasions I’ve been there in the evening, does seem to have a gamer group, but it’s all skinny boys young enough to be my children (if I had any – there are times that I feel like pulling a Diamanda Galas and ensuring I can’t have any children…).

  9. Cubx

    Great pictures, SHA-WING!

  10. MarcFrey

    I’ll take the one on the left of the first picture please =)

  11. Jeff

    I just went to the Emerald City ComiCon with some bear friends and oh my goodness, there was so much eye candy! Some of it was even gay!

  12. Glenn Lee

    I’ll take them all, at the same time. God Damn! If I was there, I’d have mistaken the whole places as being a my buffet and the buffet table being filled with other chubby nerds. LOOOOVE IT!

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