Mississippi – FLAMING!

So, the process continues as more people attempt to fuck over a gal who just wants to go to prom with her girlfriend. But new developments! *gasp* More gay drama?! There’s a fake prom and a real prom?! Oh noes! Here’s the thing… I’ve now read just about as much as I can stomach about this and I’m going to give you a play by play…

Seniors: Constance destroyed our entire year because she wouldn’t stand for our bigotry and made a big deal out of our expectations for her to conform to our social standards! Booooo…

Lesbian: They sent me to a fake prom, with learning disability kids…

Seniors: No one understands us! It wasn’t a fake prom! We just made a new, better, gay-free non-prom with decorations and vendors and everyone went to that so we could stay away from the fag. But we don’t hate gay people! We just hate Constance. Did we mention that her “shining a spotlight” on our school district’s bigotry ‘ruined’ our senior year?!”

Lesbian: Wow… Seriously? At least I had fun with the people at the other prom… because they weren’t inbred hicks.

Seniors: OMGz! We’re not hicks! We just didn’t want Constance to get her way! Which apparently she always does, because she’s a lesbian…

Lesbian: Because when I got to prom with my girlfriend and tuxedo, I would have proceeded to sacrifice the first born of each family on a crude make-shift pagan altar I erected somewhere near the punch bowl.

Seniors: See! We fucking told you!

Lesbian: Yay for Lesbians!

Aaaaand… SCENE!

If you want to read more on this one, check out the article on Autostraddle (which is a fucking phenomenal name for a website).

Apart from that – I’m fucking exhausted. Though I will once again say: I’m nearing 700 fans on Facebook… That still amazes me every time I see it. What started so small has grown in ways I couldn’t imagine and continues to do so. My oath remains – I’ll keep doing them, if you keep reading them!

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. Owen

    I knew it was going to be a good comic when you made me laugh within the first three lines. Keep up the good work, Bob!

  2. Albert

    There are times I hate being a MIssissippian. Seems it’s our turn to show our bigotry to the world again.

  3. James Figueiredo

    Yeah, the whole fiasco with the fake prom is sickening – The worst part is that it all started when the school board decided to cancel the prom altogether, making sure Constance McMillan had a big fucking target painted on her back for all the other students to hit. Shameful.

    Oh, and the strip keeps on being awesome!
    James Figueiredo´s last blog ..Sketch dump My ComLuv Profile

  4. Glenn Lee

    I went to high school in Globe, AZ They had no problem with 2 dudes going to the prom together. My senior squeeze invited me and I went with him. Everyone took pictures and was happy for us, especially all the women. Seemed like Globe was full of hags.

    I seriously can’t see why someone would go completely out of their way to paint a target on someone like that. Personally, I would’ve sought out legal advice to see if there would’ve been any possibility of throwing out a lawsuit to teach the bigots a lesson. I don’t understand, like nor care for bigotry. Then again I did have 10 “anons” wearing guy faux masks escorting me and the squeeze into the prom, they said they did it for the “lulz”.

    It’s all cool though, if she and her gal had a great time at a completely different prom, then it’s all ok. I’ve found that I love hanging out with the mentally handicapped. They’re the most understanding and cool people to be around. You’d be like 2+2 is 4 and they’re all like, “WOW! DO IT AGAIN!” Nah, I can’t, cuz Imma dancin’! Then they’d start to do a jig. C’mon, that would be freaking awesome! The guys and gals at the “real prom” can impregnate each other’s siblings all they want, the lesbo’s were having a good time right? =P

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