Decisions, Decisions…

I’ll fully admit that I have a complete and utter lack of ability to make decisions. There are some things that I never fail to be decisive out – like things that affect only my own life. Because if I choose to eat cheese-cake ice cream after dinner – no one dies… but what happens if I say I want to go to Chili’s? We sit down, ordering our bottomless chips and salsa and sip our free refill beverages (which we’re gonna get refilled to fuck and back) and chat about whatever it is we gays talk about before dinner. But then, somewhere, a meteor falls out of the sky, hitting a car – which in turn flies into the side of a gas station, which explodes in a fiery display sending debris and rubble crashing all over a street corner. A young boy on his paper-route is so frightened by the explosion that he pisses his pants, slips off his bike seat and ends up crashing into a car where a woman is not paying attention because she just dialed up her son (who lives many states away and never calls on his own anymore these days). He’s so wrapped up in her story that he fails to notice that he didn’t really cook the chicken all the way through but it’s too fucking late, because now it’s being served to the party of two at the corner table. My party of two. And we’re about to die from uncooked chicken, people. My. Fucking. Fault.

And that’s why, no… I can’t pick the restaurant tonight.

But that’s the way my mind works. A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ of bad choices and terrible blunders, but you can’t keep your finger holding on to the previous page to see if you’re decision sucks… because once you say “I choose” – it’s fucking GAME OVER, man.

Which leads me to the next point… I’ve been giving some serious consideration to moving from three to two comics a week. It’s been somewhat… difficult… getting everything done that I need to – and work a full time job. It’s not because I don’t have material – or that I dislike what I’m doing… hell – I’d love to just draw comics and anything else that inspires me all day, every day. But that’s not really realistic in the ‘survival’ reality of things. I’m waffling on that one, though… So who knows where I’m going to end up.

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Discussion (10) ¬

  1. raindog469

    I’d rather see you drop down to two per week than burn out and stop altogether!

  2. Glenn Lee

    I’d rather see you slow down as well, but then again, drew is incredibly sexy when tormented by his internal dialog. Besides, gives you more time to chill with me on Facebook :)

  3. Pete

    Agreed. I’ll take limited Drew and Rick over no Drew and Rick.

    But the real problem is that you went for the chips and salsa instead of the Queso – which comes with chips and salsa. During happy hour that bitch is like $3.99 or something.

  4. cmgirty

    I do care about you not getting burnt out. But you may as well have ripped the still beating heart from my chest….. lol noes im playing Well survive…. probably…

  5. Glenn Lee

    My honest recommendation is to take a whole week to do a single comic and update it like every Saturday or some shit like that. Will allow you to focus on a little higher quality and allows for slightly larger comics (if you chose to do so), plus it’s less of a burnout.

    I did a comic back 5 years ago called Damn Life, meant to be offensive and piss people off, it did so well that my host disconnected me and didn’t give me time to backup (assholes), but the few readers I did have, enjoyed the once a week comic because I was able to go into much finer detail with creating backgrounds, settings, etc. From one old and retired comic artist to a new artist.

  6. Magebear

    Ahh the perennial bear/chub indecision… “Where do you wanna eat?”, “I don’t care what are you in the mood for?”, “Don’t give a shit as long as it’s food.”, Whatever you want, I’ll eat anything.”, “Will you just make a goddamn decision?”, “I decided last time, you pick!”, “I’m going to skin you for your pelt if you don’t pick a restaurant in 5 seconds!!1!”

    Yea, that’s our typical Saturday night….

  7. Glenn Lee

    I’ve been through those situations between Golden Coral, Chinese Food or Taco Bell :p if I have to choose it’s always going to be fucking iHop :)

  8. S. James

    I’m in the same camp of taking less than none, :)
    S. James´s last blog ..Record Store Day part 2: The Spoils My ComLuv Profile

  9. MarcFrey

    To Glenn:
    Omg, I can’t believe your site got shut down! I would have loved to check it out. Offensive sarcastic comics are amazing! If you managed to save any of them, I’d love to see =D

    To HeadArtist:
    I agree with everyone else. If you’re ‘considering’ it, it means you most likely need it. You’re comics are amazing and I would hate to see this site shut down because you’re overworking yourself.

    Also, cute pick RainDog ;)

  10. Travis

    Dam! And I thought I was the only one having internal dialogue sex…just wish I got a raging boner during it.

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