Badges for Everyone!

So, things have been down here at Blur the Lines for a while, as you may have noticed. Truly, the amount of anger I went through and hair I pulled out was beyond measure… granted, all the hair was of the pubic variety, so at least I got something accomplished in the “manscaping” department through it all.

I jest. I’m like a wookie below the belt.

But really, I can’t say enough how frustrating it is when you’re at work getting text messages letting you know that you’re website isn’t loading for folks and you really can’t do anything about it… then you get home and read emails to the same ilk and still: can’t do anything about it. I’ll admit, it’s all happening because I’m a cheap-ass and found a host that fit my budget of $0 and at this point, I do get what I paid for… I am in the process of shopping around right now, and thanks to my buddy Kevin – I have much more info and understanding of what I should be looking for. It’s horrible to owe someone for all the valuable information, yet not have a shot at “repaying” him for his help. Damn you Chub4Chubs! Again!

Realistically, this taught me a pretty valuable lesson, and at least I had Facebook to fall back on so people could read the comics I was drawing. I’ll say that I also need to do some research into how I can backdate the one comic post that I’m missing… and hey – at least I only missed one posting due to the outage!

The company who hosted my site sold out to another company during the crisis, and the new company that took over has locked things down so I can’t make a backup of what I have, which sucks pretty hard. The last backup I had prior was back in December, and… well… I’ve come a long way since then! Never the less, I have some good faith that I’ll be landing on my feet again and hopefully in a more stable environment! As per the usual – any donations at this point would be appreciate to help with the cost of the new web-host… we’re gonna be moving two sites, mine and my partners – and we decided that we’re not going to do the “friend helped us out” route any more… because when things go to hell – you can’t really yell at a friend out of frustration. But if donations don’t pop your cork – I’m also going to be trying to do more commission work in my downtime! So, if you want anything from an avatar portrait, guest spot in the comic, design for a bear event, etc… shoot me an email (which will hopefully stay up)!

So – thanks for sticking through and let’s get back to business as usual! Hot cops for everyone!

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Discussion (12) ¬

  1. cmgirty

    YAY your wookie should come visit my ewo- okay that was a TERRIBLE attempt at a star wars related double entendre…… so uh… BTL IS BACK WHOO HOO

  2. Tom

    WELCOME BACK! Was going through withdrawl. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. cmgirty

    BTW not real. sadly disappointed

  4. JaCobian

    @ cmgirty
    Think of it as an opportunity to make it.

  5. Mike Z

    Oh.. look hot cops and no gender specification, ya something for me finally. :)

  6. Jim

    Yeah, I looked up the URL, too. Sad, huh?

  7. GlennC

    Welcome back!

    I’m having fun imagining the kind of content would have. :-P

  8. Tim

    Good luck with all your travails. :)

    As to hot cops – nice bears, shame about the uniform. (I don’t like cops, as a general class – but the sentiment was sweet… :) )

  9. Owen

    You should definitely register and make it redirect to this site, kind of like how is a redirect for

  10. Glenn Lee

    Well, I at least offered to host it free of charge. So far I use Hostmonster for my hosting and soon to be switching over to Godaddy on a dedicated server. Hosting a gay chub site and a browser based MMORPG will eventually get a little taxing on my current host, but hey, it’s something I can afford easily.

    My hosting offer still stands. We’ve only had 10 minutes of downtime 2 days ago in the early morning and we’re still kicking ass and taking names. Speaking of which, what is your hubby’s website address?

  11. Marvin

    Kevin is pretty awesome for technical brain picking isn’t he.

  12. david

    well at least you did not tip the readers off in the first panal with a pink triangle on the cops shoulder /sleve. thought it could be a real set up – and the punch line was good too

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