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There are very few things I find more retarded than the concept of a gay man being disallowed from fighting for his country. Regardless of your view on the ongoing wars or even the nature of human beings in general – why should something as simple as sexual orientation stop a person from doing… well… ANYTHING? I get it that people are scared of things that they don’t understand – but realistically: come-fucking-on. There was an article that I was reading that is referenced in the comic: apparently there is a fear of fellating-attacks under cover of darkness… As though we are dick-vampires with an insatiable, uncontrollable need to suckle at the purity of the hetero soldier’s man-pipe. Sounds like arrogance to me that they’d even think I would be interested. A good majority of them service-boys I wouldn’t even give the time of day… But such is life.

As you can imagine – the real world is constantly bleeding into my comics. As I started today’s comic – I knew exactly what I wanted the last panel to look like, and then the white-haired daddy-bear sat across from me at the coffee shop and look at how that changed! As per usual – my ADD gets the best of me, but who can blame it when a hunk of man is rubbing his inner thigh for long stretches… Mmmm. Sometimes, I actually find myself forgetting that I have coffee on my table until its grown cold and unappetizing. But let’s be honest, I come for the coffee and I stay for the scenery.

This coming weekend, I should add – is two things that I’m looking forward to: first and foremost, Motor City Pride. Where, I shall indeed be wandering around with my camera, taking pictures of any goodly sights in order to post them up here. What comes before that, however, is the Motor City Bears annual car wash… Bears in speedos? Yes please. Fuck getting my car washed. I just want to watch for long stretches… VERY long stretches. And then beat off to some pictures that I manage to bring myself to snap, if luck holds and work lets me off early for good behavior. Fingers crossed, baby.

Aside from that – another week goes by and with it, another donation! A roll of dollar coins – which I maintain is possibly one of the most interesting and awesome donations I’ve received for the site. It’s like I’m in medieval times and I was just paid for my services in GOLD! Somewhere, deep inside, the Warcraft geek is demanding that I keep these coins until I have enough to roll around in. Fantasical, I swear.

Lastly – feedback time. I’ve let me hair grow out to a short length where I’m almost able to style it, and its making me nervous. I’m conflicted between a return to the Mohawk or straight-up letting it grow out for a while so I get that Leonidas – 300 thing going. So, the question remains: grow or chop?

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Discussion (9) ¬

  1. Owen

    I’m biased on this issue, for I think everyone, male or female, looks better with long hair (which is why my own is two feet long), so of course I’m going put my vote in for grow.

    “Sounds like arrogance to me that they’d even think I would be interested. A good majority of them service-boys I wouldn’t even give the time of day.”

    I wish more straight people would get it through their skulls that we aren’t attracted to every guy we see. If you could somehow turn this sentiment into a short witticism and make a t-shirt out of it, I promise I will buy it.

  2. Lady_Em

    Curse you boy…there’s a lurvely daddy bear two tables over and I couldn’t concentrate on my homework ’cause I was too busy trying to figure out how to get a surreptitious picture for you….You need to petition for a GT Pie up your way….bears love pie, after all….

  3. Lady_Em

    waaaiiitt…two feeettt….now I can’t concentrate ’cause I’m dreaming of two feet of luxurious boy hair to play with…..curse you! Curse you all!!!! sigh….

  4. Glenn Lee

    Holy batraping cow heroes! This comic was hot! Regarding the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Thing, I find it incredibly funny that heterosexual men think everyone gay wants to fuck them. It’s funny because WOMEN don’t even want to fuck them and now they think they’re Homolicious? WTF!

    Regarding your hair though, you should definitely grow it out a little bit. My recommendation is to let it grow out a decent length and then part it down the middle with a nice goatee. Then possibly dye that shit something nice, like a dark brown or blue black. You’d look great with blue black hair.

  5. Charlie

    Thanks as always for injecting (no pun intended) some good guffaws into my life. Honorable discharge WOOF!

  6. Weaver

    I vote to grow it out as well, but then I’m just a bear with long red hair! Mine is also about 2 feet long. Let it go; if in a year ya don’t like it, buzz it off and give it to locks of love.

    Great strip – a hot daddy bear would make a great Rear Admiral!

  7. bella

    let it grow! let it grow! let it grow! i’m tired of the mohawk honestly….. please!

  8. Arthur

    Man you know I love your work only one problem. Men in the US Armed Sevices can not have beards any more. They used to let them have them in the navy. Also that Big Black guy you draw for the one about the gay guy at Riverdale High was HOT thanks

  9. Head Artist

    I know – I should do more research before drawing some of my characters, however – as I pointed out in the blog: the bearded Daddy-Bear that sat down across from me suddenly became my Muse.

    I had to draw him – rules be damned!

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