Under-Where? Under-Bear!


I’m definitely one of those guys who enjoys the look of a man in Under Armour. It just seems so sporty and regardless of size – it tends to just bring out the best “assets”, despite the discomfort level that form-fitting clothing would often bring. Though in defense of the spandex angle, I’ll still maintain that there is a part of me which would totally fuck the Tron-Guy given the opportunity as well… and thankfully I’m not a size queen, because his costume totally leaves nothing to the imagination (if you have no idea who I’m talking about – make a verb out of the word “google”). It really comes down to the material that these things are made out of, though. Spandex has always struck me as being shiny and when stretched to as great an extent as a man of my taste WOULD stretch it – it tends to become more transparent. It’s frightening that I WOULDN’T find that appealing. Never –the-less, I think that in the end it all rolls back to that superhero fantasy, doesn’t it? Maintaining a man in tights ability to still look like a man? Well, that says something about your product. So, Under Armour creators: I salute you!

In other news, the weekend is rushing at me, and only a couple days of work sit between me and the overwhelming goal of freedom! For some ridiculous reason, though – I’m working for 3 hours on Saturday, prior to the MCB car wash. I guess that means it’s just going to be a race to get the camera and get my ass over there… though if the forecast holds true, I don’t think bears in speedos like lightning, so all may be for naught.


And speaking of distractions – firemen are apparently now at the top of my list of men in uniform who need a proper servicing… Thanks to Kevin for repeatedly sending me pictures of a certain Fire Captain from a city nearby whose hose I would gladly… Errr… Okay – yeah, I don’t really need to describe what I want to do with this gent, but I will fully admit that my first thought was “how many years would I be locked up for the arson that would make that man come a’runnin”? And apparently, it would have to be sizable indeed. Sadly, my moral compass disallows people having to die so that I can hook up, so for now: the city is safe. Really, though – that mustache is just begging to be ridden.

And now, to put out the fire in my pants…

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Discussion (12) ¬

  1. Glenn Lee

    I honestly have to disagree with how you feel about underarmor. I don’t care to see men in that to be honest, I prefer to see the underarmor on the floor and the chubby guy on the bed waiting for pleasing, dick waving in the air. Now that’s my story on it. It’s much better when it’s not being worn and the chub being naked than it is to have the stuff actually on the chub!

    I prefer my men big, really big and naked.

  2. raindog469

    Under Armour was invented a decade after I developed my sexual tastes, and when I started buying jocks again a few years back, I was really disappointed that the only ones the local sporting goods stores sold were UA. They’re thick and they don’t develop that see-thru quality normal jocks get as they wear out. Plain black or white jockstraps — Safe-T-Gard, Bike, etc. — are pretty much the only sports underwear I want to see on a guy. Otherwise, I’m with Glenn.

  3. Bella

    oh great! so now, I’m going to be laughing hysterically every time i see one of the guys wear UA at practice…. thanks, honey! now i have something new to start giggling at….

  4. cubx

    I have to agree with Glenn on this one.

  5. Arthur

    Is it Ok if I’ve post your work to my group Face book page Southern Bears?

  6. FotLaug

    I wonder if you shrink-wrap the wang meat, does it stay fresher? I love that line.

    And I fall between Glenn and Raindog, when I’m giving a footrub and want to move up to bigger and better things I don’t want to have to ruin the moment of the fantasy by having to peel the man like a banana… Yes phallic fruit pun intended. With a regular jock it covers and yet shows like raindog mentioned. And when they guy turns around you have full access. ;) Some classics just can’t be beat in my opinion.

    Keep up the great work! Hugz ‘n Tugz

  7. Head Artist

    @Arthur – always okay to post up, as long as you link em back home ;)

  8. Glenn Lee

    Wasn’t expecting so many to most ways agree with me on this subject, but still, I stand by it. I can handle a jock strap through, very easy to slip the chub’s man meat out and just start having my way with him.

    If the chub is completely naked I can give him a full body tongue bath without having to undo the wrapper.

  9. Sultmhoor

    I am all about the underarmour. (obviously.)

  10. Head Artist

    I personally enjoy taking things off of a big guy. I think that it’s nice and all to have a dude naked in front of me – but I enjoy the foreplay of partial clothing. I’d rather see ass-crack and the exposed lower section of a belly then just a dude walking around nude. I know it’s a bit on the “fucked up” scale of things – but I like to be tantalized.

    It’s like chocolate – a bit of chocolate adds flavor, more chocolate may get a bit too rich, and when there’s so much chocolate it grows a dick and fucks your mouth, and shoots cocoa so hard down your throat you feel like you’re going to vomit – well… That’s just too much chocolate.

    I want some cake.

  11. Clint

    Woof hot bear! in both photos ;-)

  12. raindog469

    Bastard… Now I want some chocolate.

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