Hosing Down…

I will tell you – this past weekend was a phenomenal time, starting with the Motor City Bear’s Car Wash.


Based solely on his lack of social skills (and inability to create sentences when out in a public environment), this longtime shut-in/hermit thrust himself out there with only the honest intention of taking a few pics for future masturbatory purposes and then fleeing. Honestly, though – after a very short time (maybe 1 minute) I felt on the not only welcome – but extremely guilty for not dropping trou and aiding with the cars which were (according to the Ferndale police) blocking traffic. Having seen the eye-candy already soaked with a seasonal mix of soapsuds and sweat – I have to accept that I have little to offer that veritable Candyland that my brain was frolicking in (and will continue to enjoy, thanks to digital cameras).


The following day was Pride as well, and I think it’s also amazing to meet up with people who just give you the eye and say, “Where do I know you from… what’s your name on Bear411?” It’s come to that, hasn’t it people? There’s a part of me that enjoyed watching people’s responses when I told them my screen-name, especially if we’d been talking online for years and they didn’t recognize me (proof positive, my pictures are all photoshopped forgeries). Though I will be honest and say that I wish more had known about the comic when I brought it up (thanks to Mike, by the way, for being one of the few people who actually quoted my comic to me – that made my day all the gayer… err… greater).


Seems to me I may need to keep track of when more Bear events are going on, though. Start breaking down those walls and actually gain an insider’s perspective on what I seem to be randomly throwing darts at. Good god, I feel like I have material for about a year, though – just from this weekend alone and some of the conversations I’ve had…


And I’m declaring the following picture to be the 8th Wonder of the World…



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Discussion (10) ¬

  1. Glenn Lee

    I actually cracked a boner looking at all those pictures you took, damn. Now I’m horny and have no-one to give my dick a tongue massage.

  2. Sultmhoor

    I’m so sorry I missed it/didn’t get to stand outside in my blue bikini and make belly prints…

  3. cubx

    omg, and my car is sooooo dirty

  4. lilbearmi

    Whoot! I am so going to read all of your strips!

  5. Glenn Lee

    I just personally want to bang every single one of the chubby bears in the blog post, OMG. I’m still cracking a woody. They say if an erection last longer than 4 hours to call a doctor. Personally? I’m not calling a doctor, I’m finding myself some chubby manwhore *drool*

  6. grunter

    Dear Mr. Red-n-Black Stretch Briefs:

    You are perfect. Never change.

    At some future date, would you please violate my nethers repeatedly?



  7. Head Artist

    @Grunter – thats Mr. MCB himself (he totally should have been wearing his sash the whole time). I’ll be sure that message is passed along, though ;)

  8. Clint

    Wow hot photos lol I need to get out more

  9. Mike

    You’re welcome! It’s great to have met the man behind many a laugh for me. I enjoyed hanging out with you and your partner, and I hope that Doug and I get to see more of you guys in the future!

  10. Travis

    I want the link to the xtube vid you made that weekend…

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