Cock Rock

First and foremost, I used to play in a band about 10 years or so ago, which ended up falling apart under unfortunate circumstances. We used to think ourselves something of a metal band, based solely on the fact that our lead singer thought he was a member of Pantera, but I tried my best to add some jazz bass-lines and class it up a bit. I think if I had been my own person back then, and fully embraced the gay perversion inside me – I could have had a lot more fun with it all, but that didn’t happen. I moved too far away to make it to practices at the drop of a hat, and they gave me the boot. But I did make a few friends in the hardcore, metal, and even rock-a-billy scenes up here, so I don’t have much in the way of regrets (except maybe that I’m not still playing).

This is one of those blogs thats based on a true story, though. Granted, not the portion about the orgy (I wish) but rather the part about Google Ad-sense having decided to pull anything to do with my comic. I’m also to understand that this decision is beyond repeal at this point, and quite honestly, I’ve broken a lot of their “rules” when it comes to what kind of sites they’ll allow advertisements on. Now, I seem to recall some pretty raunchy links via Google-ads that I’ve seen on other sites in the past, but apparently they’ve tried to clean up their image? They linked me to one specific comic when telling me that I would no longer be allowed to run their ads on my site, which involved Rick and Drew looking at sex toys in a shop (the one with the cock-chucks)… Now – honestly, this is probably one of the most tame of the comics… Adult language? Sure… But it’s not even one of the ones where I link to pornography in the blog section! I mean, get your shit together, Google.

So, over the course of time that I was doing business and hosting advertisements for them, I had actually “earned” about fifteen bucks. However, due to their own policies – this is money that I will never see because they don’t pay out any money until you hit a hundred bucks, minimum. I know, I know – it’s not much and I should get over the idea that I’ve been running ads for them for free… but I am a pretty damn petty guy and I think that they’re semi-retarded for judging the content of a person’s site quite as harshly. Honestly, if people who like crude humor also want to go to one of the shitty gay singles sites that they listed on a regular basis, why would they put a restriction on that? It baffles the mind.

Oh well, though – I could likely panhandle more money on a street-corner in an hour then I would have made in a year working with Ad-sense, so *sour grapes* and fuck-ems to the lot.

In other news – storms are gay. The end.

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Discussion (6) ¬

  1. choochoo68

    now i have to go to work where all the truck drivers are, with imagesof large, hairy, sweaty men fucking their brains out to heavy metal music…thank you :-*

  2. grunter

    Bearcore? Don’t you mean “Kuma-core?”

    *insert a Don Martin drawing of a man trying to hold back a torrent of vomit with one finger*

  3. Glenn Lee

    Figured you knew that about Google Adsense. I have 9 bucks with them from the last month, but then again my adsense runs on multiple sites, none of which have anything adult, not even language which host the adsense ads. There are, however, other PPC networks out there which you can use to your benefit and many other ad types as well. If you need help monetizing BtL, just shoot me a message, you know very well how to contact me. I’ll help you find something to better suit you.

  4. Cubx

    “now i have to go to work where all the truck drivers are, with imagesof large, hairy, sweaty men fucking their brains out to heavy metal music…thank you”

    Sounds like a winner to me, lol. Mmmm truckers

  5. progpowerfan

    It’s funny that you mentioned the term “bearcore”. I have been trying to form a band, preferably, all bears, and/or chasers(or straight-gay friendly bears), for the longest time now.

  6. Glenn Lee

    Mmm, delicious truckers.

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