What Dreams May Cum

This signifies my 100th comic to date, so I decided I would do something special. Originally, the idea for a strip that I had in my head involved Rick being disallowed from being involved in a chub on chub moment with Drew, but sadly – my partner didn’t want to go for me taking pictures of him, naked, making out with another chub… I know, right? Psh.

Anyway – I can’t believe I’ve already done a hundred comics. It feels like the time that I’ve actively been working on this project has been generally short, but looking back through the collection, I can say that I do see how I’ve grown throughout the strips. I mean this, of course, both as an artist and a pervert. Looking back, making the move to two comics a week was a wise one, especially considering how close to being burnt out I was – but now I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to seeing where I’m at when I hit the 200+ mark!

For the record, I’d like to thank the folks who read the comic, send me emails, make donations, or even just hit “like” on Facebook. All of these things have made this all feel worth it to me, and I can’t say that I feel any end in sight! If you keep reading, I’ll keep drawing.

Also – I should put out an additional notice that after the blog for Tuesday’s comic, I did indeed receive an influx of donations from would-be encouragers… You’ll be happy to know that I was able, because of you, to afford a KFC dinner, and now: I’m totally wicked fat. So, job well done, encouragers! Come rub my bulbous belly.

An additional note – yesterday (Wednesday) was my friend Kevin’s birthday. He put out a request on his Livejournal for naked pictures from all his friends. So, my dear sweet readers – if you’re an overweight man with a camera, help me out and shoot me a picture so that I can compile a “Fans of Blur” gift-mailing for his 40th birthday. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… until your shaft starts chafing.

And as a PS: neither of us were wearing pants for those pictures.

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Discussion (25) ¬

  1. James

    Hah, that’s a hoot!
    First of all, congrats on the 100 strips! Second, the drawing with the tentacled vagina is HILARIOUS, and third, why doesn’t comic-strip Rick have mutton chops?
    James´s last blog ..Sketch practice My ComLuv Profile

  2. Glenn Lee

    NO DREW Oh, wow, thank god that was just a dream. Drew needs more chub on chub action. If you send Drew to my place, I’ll be sure to allow you to have a hidden camera in my room as we love on each other. Or you can just borrow my hidden camera already installed in the room.

  3. BigBellyMI

    Congrats on your 100th Comic! You have no idea how proud I am of you!

    BTW, you can expect some “Bob-time” when you get home tonight to celebrate… hehe.

  4. Sultmhoor

    Grats on 100. And naked pictures omg!!

  5. raindog469

    Wow, congratulations! Think I only found you in time for the last 25 or 30, but now I think I’ll revisit the archive to see how your style has evolved.

  6. MrPibearian

    hooray for 100!! You can definitely see how you’ve developed since the earlier comics. Funny thing is, I was just looking over a bunch of them the other day.

    this was definitely a special treat :) I had always wondered what Drew looked like IRL.

    I love that you got the standard shirt colours matched for the pics too lol.

  7. GlennC

    Congrats on your 100th comic. And a big hell yes to ass-sex marathons!

  8. grunter

    We need proof of your no-pants claim.

    Like yesterday.

  9. Jase1977

    Congratulations on 100! I look forward to the next hundred more…especially if you decide to honor @grunter’s request. :)

  10. Bella

    Congrats, honey! Keep up the TERRIFIC work! I’m so proud of you!

  11. Otto

    Hey bro Grats. Keep doing what you love and one day people will see it for what you put into it.

  12. Tim

    Yay, real life comparisons. Hope there are at least a 1000 more.

  13. John McCain

    BWUAHAHAHAH!@ Zomg this is the best thing EVAH! I had seen a photo of you in Kevin’s LJ, but never seen Rick.. I soooo approve of this! WIN!

  14. MarcFrey

    Congratz! I remember reading some of your first comics. You’ve come a long way, and I’ve loved every single bit of it. I hope you enjoy doing the next hundred comics as much as I’ll enjoy reading them!


  15. cubx

    Grats on the 100!

  16. Buzzbeard

    Congratz handsome!

  17. DetailBear

    Congratulations on 100!

    And, gosh, you’re cute. Even with muttonchops.

  18. KubStrykyr

    @DetailBear even with muttonchops? Especially with muttonchops!

    seriously, you two are extremely hot guys. Let’s just say I’ll be in my bunk…

    And I haven’t been reading for very long. I only found out about this because TV Tropes is my guilty pleasure, particularly letting my imagination go wild reading trope pages. If You Know What I Mean

  19. Bouchard

    That was great!!! 100 comics well done and very funny stuff along the way. Congrats and Im with everyone else when I say Ill be here to read the 1000th! as a side note I now really want to find a vag with tentacles on it for whatever reason that just turned me on. DONT JUDGE ME!
    Thank you for the Laughs and keep em rolling bro.

  20. Tiernan

    Congrats on 100 strips!!! Keep up the good work man!

  21. Niall

    I’ve been reading this since the first one and it just gets better and better! Don’t ever stop! :-D

  22. Marvin

    Yea!! Congrats and thanks for many a stifled laugh when I’m reading BTL at work or on the commuter train. Can I be in comic #113? :)

  23. Head Artist

    Remind me around comic 112, Marvin ;)

  24. lilbearmi

    I love this one!

  25. Marie

    Oh dear gawd, the gays are onto us!! :O
    Congrats on the comics, I’m lovin’ ‘em.

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