Blur the Lines is a webcomic for both gays and straights alike. Gays can show pride in loving it, and the straights can pretend not to love it – but secretly post to Craigslist behind their wives back that they DO love it.

Lie to them. Don’t lie to me.

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  1. Malla

    I love that your cartoons look like you and your partner ! Great comic honey.

  2. Iasmindecordoba

    I think you need to make this image of the construction worker one of your t-shirt offerings too. Different subtitle, but this image. :)

  3. Glenn Lee

    I agree with lasmindecordoba, would make a great T-Shirt.

  4. Glenn Lee

    Pimpin ain’t easy, but being an oversexed chub is! This comic is great, been following it for a long time.
    Glenn LeeĀ“s last blog .. My ComLuv Profile

  5. Gary

    LOL…can’t find a real gay guy on CL for all the married closet cases posting constantly!

    Psssssst you forgot to draw his feet?! (c:]

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