We Will Over-Cum

Believe it or not – the topic of my comic changed today (go figure) as the internet was abuzz with news of the ruling in favor of gays everywhere! (And by everywhere, I mean in California…) Truth be told, I want to be shocked by the concept that people hold on to such archaic beliefs, such as that somehow – two men or women marrying one another will cheapen the experience for every straight couple that has ever been married. Or somehow invalidate the concept of love that they “claim” to feel for one another…

I mean, I imagine back in the day when only the richest elite had one of those new fangled “auto-mobiles” it was more or less the same thing. It hurt them to the very core of their being that the common man would one day be able to purchase and drive such a luxury item as they themselves currently enjoyed. I mean – the commoners belong on the road being run over BY this vehicle, not riding at the same level. And with that same angst and selfishness, they ride high and mighty in their “marriage-mobile” and up until now have left their oppressive tire-marks on my broken and bruised body.

My partner and I have never had a “commitment” ceremony… and we’ve never actually gone to another state to be married, because they won’t recognize it here at home anyway. When we do finally get married, we want to be able to do it with all our family and friends there. But maybe that’s just me… Until that day – we’ll continue living in sin. Speaking of sin, apparently painting God as gay might be considered a bad thing… but I guess I’ll find that out once the end comes anyway, so why worry about it.

I have enough to worry about with the trip tomorrow to Indy… Waking up bright and early, yet still staying up late enough to post my comic. Oy – I may regret that once it comes to only getting 5 hours of sleep… but oh well, right? Gencon should be a good time… and yes, Andy – I’ll be rolling dice. Lots of em…  Big, round dice… Mmmm…

And by the by – thanks to those who have donated! I really do appreciate it – and whether I say it via email or in person: you guys are the reason why I keep doing this comic!

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Discussion (15) ¬

  1. weaver

    Thanks for this one! By the way, my husband and I are one of the 18,000+ couples who did get married when we could. It was wonderful to actually have a federal judge affirm that civil rights are RIGHTS and not something that should be subject to a popularity contest, vote. The 14th ammendment to the Federal Constitution does indeed have some meaning!

  2. Mark

    I live in Spain and allowing gay marriage has lowered the divorce rate, in fact saving the “sacred institution”. Our conservative political figures hate to admit it.

  3. John McCain

    “Damn iPhone” FTW!!!

  4. Magebear

    Sacrilicious !

  5. Marvin

    Oh Bob. Everyone knows god is a black/Latino transgendered butch lesbian. The old guy with a long white beard is so yesterday’s thinking. Hot, but yesterday’s thinking.

  6. Glenn Lee

    I found the prop8 ruling in Cali to be full of lulz. This sandwhich is full of lulz and WIN.

  7. Steve

    This one made me laugh out loud. something about god being gay really did it for me.

  8. lilbearmi

    One step closer…..

  9. lilbearmi

    Waves at weaverbear. Hey Weaver! Congratulations!

  10. Coyote

    I think this might be my favorite blur-the-lines so far!

    My husband and I drove all the way to Iowa with some friends, in order to have at least _some_ governmental body acknowledge and ratify our marriage. It doesn’t count in the state we live in, and really, it’s not what made us feel committed. The paper didn’t change _us_ or our relationship in any way. We didn’t do it so _we_ would feel married. We did it to try and put at least one more little notch in the statistics about how serious gay people are about wanting the same rights as everyone else.

    I kinda think I want the middle panel as a t-shirt!

  11. KubStrykyr

    Yea! I was followig the story yesterday. I lve in California,but that doesn’t matter much because I’m not quite at marrying age yet, and I’m not really that kind of guy. But it’s good to know we’ve been going forward instead of back

  12. Una

    Damn funny!

  13. Glenn lee

    My point is that it’s a major step forward and I’m hoping that other states soon follow suit and realize that the religious majority has been holding a minority back from having civil rights … AGAIN!

  14. GlennC

    Great comic and I agree with Coyote, that middle panel will make a great for a T-shirt, esp for us here in California.

  15. Progbear

    O dear, is it wrong that I am fantasizing about gay sex with God?

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