Noids and Doodles

We’ve established by this time that I have a bit of a thing for a fine piece of fatty ass-crack. I know, I know – I could probably relax with the talk of it, but hey – this is my blog to go with the comic, so if I want to take it to a hairy, sweaty place, I will. However, I wouldn’t want destroy opportunities to grow a bigger audience, so I can only say that I’ll do my best to find some way to incorporate lean, sweaty fuck-boys into a few comics here and there to whet the appetites of those who may well enjoy that kind of thing. I do, however, stand by my lack of interest in a sexual interlude with Mr. Pitt.

Brad Pitt strikes me as someone I would love to have a beer with, randomly chat with, and that’s about it. He seems like a pretty cool guy in general, but nothing that I would bend myself over a table and shout, “PENETRATE ME, Benjamin Button”  for. There are very FEW actors, to that point, whom I would ever go that far for, and I can honestly say that there are none outside of my sexual boulevard, who I would even consider going down on, let alone allowing the full-on anal assault.

A thin guy to me is like having sex with a woman. I don’t know why – but if my life depended on it, I would try to fill my head with enough football coaches and politicians to get the job done, but it would be a challenge. So, much as I hate to say I understand where the “chub4chub” guys are coming from, I have to accept that I have no place throwing my secret sauce into those occasional belly-filled man-sandwich parties I watch on xtube… And that brings me great pain. But I shall of course accept it and move on…

Until that bottle of ether comes in the mail…

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Discussion (9) ¬

  1. Colicub

    But…….why the Cool World reference? WHY?

  2. Sultmhoor

    I have learned to sense the smell of ether around chasers…

  3. Head Artist

    Because just for the sake of the hair – if I had to pick, I’d go with Cool World with crazy animation happening in the background

  4. Iasmindecordoba

    Okay, you win. I now have to clean my keyboard because of this strip.

  5. meg


  6. Glenn

    I can’t begin to tell you how many hardware stores that became gay after someone walked in. It just happens.

    In all seriousness though, I have to agree, I love a chubby guy, and me being chubby I’m chub4chub. So booya! *Does a jig* I’m a full 360 pounds you chasers can’t have. Ya try and you’ll see where the MMA stuff comes to play.

  7. Cobian91

    More or less off topic, but having sex with Benjamin Button (the character, not Brad Pitt) would be really odd. Either he’d be twenty and look eighty or he’d be eighty and look twenty, or something somewhere in between. He just doesn’t seem like the person to bang unless you’re into men in their 40s.

  8. Bryan

    That’s tottaly me lol…my friend casey said she’s never taking me to a hardware store ..EVER again lol

  9. Rondacker

    I love hardware stores; but from a gay from who works at one, he made the observation that a woman will NEVER ask for a screw in a hardware store. It’s always something like a request for “those spirally shaped nails” or making gestures that are probably more obscene than asking for a screw.

    As for me, I’d go for Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

    Glad to come across your strip, though now I feel I have to slog through the whole year of comments, too
    Rondacker´s last blog ..exhibitions – Will Brady at La Paloma in Hartford My ComLuv Profile

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