Sticky Situations

This one basically came up mentally while I was watching Heroes and having the age old “what would you want as your super-power” discussion. It always tends to be the same things: Invisibility, Teleportation, Flight, or Prehensile Cock. However, in this case – I would use the ability to stop time for sheer acts of molestation.

One thing I’ve thought about – if time was stopped and you manipulated a man’s junk with something of a ‘jerking’ motion, this action would technically have happened instantaneously. So, when you started time again – would he cum or would just junk just catch fire from the amazing speed of the friction you caused? Because I want to cause PLEASURE – not crotch fire. You see – in reality, this character that I’m writing (Rick) is nothing like myself aside from general appearance. I’m not about to stop time and do the business on a dudes back, or provide any penetration given the opportunity. I’m far more likely to stop time long enough to get the dudes clothes off, and then just go to town on his nether-bits while starting back time to get that response… I have a strange belief that given a few seconds of my undivided oral attention, even a straight man would at least let me FINISH the job (or let HIMSELF finish) before attempting the requisite “I’m not gay” ass-kickery. But realistically, once the orgasm hits – most dudes really don’t feel like kicking ass so much as napping.

Another note – I’m intending to keep putting people whom I know in my life in my comic, but changing their names to protect the innocent. Not that I’m saying that that would be the case in THIS comic, but I’m just putting that out there for general knowledge. Though if the character of “Pat” was an actual person (who looked sexy every time he wore a white t-shirt ) he could stop himself from appearing in future strips by sending a few lewd pictures of himself to my phone. I’m not saying that he’s a real person… but you know… if he was… then… yeah… pictures… And with that, I leave you all as I found you.

And remember: only YOU can prevent crotch fires.

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Discussion (9) ¬

  1. Cubziz

    Since time would’ve stopped, I doubt they would “feel” anything. And since no blood would be moving, you wouldn’t get a reaction. And while you could penetrate him… but since it wouldn’t react, it’d be like humping sand. Meh.

    I think perverts the world over would just be stealing/changing underwear of people as most people would *know* something was wrong, but wouldn’t be able to just check. And imagine the football games. *evil cackle*

    Of course, I can’t just believe I made a comment about sex and a fictional universe. Now I’m going to be mentally debating this all day at work. *snicker*

  2. Head Artist

    Debating all day means my work here is done!

  3. Glenn

    Wow, imagine the butt secks! Seriously, if you could stop time, just don’t do that to me :( I’m strictly chub4chub.

  4. Cyndi

    Hey I think I know who ‘Pat’ is .. LOL ..

  5. Head Artist

    Unless you know Mike’s old college friends – I’m pretty sure you don’t! Heh

  6. Freyr

    Here’s a ‘time stop’ story taken to it’s not always logical, but sexy conclusion.


  7. Glenn Lee

    But. But I like the time stopping thing. If I could stop time, there’s so many cute chubs here in Phoenix, AZ that I’d so molest till my heart is content! Ohhhh yeah.

  8. Travis

    Great power cums with great responsibility…

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