Political Roulette

So, today is the day that all good folk stumble their way into a booth and lightly make decisions that may well have a dramatic effect on their local government. But perhaps I’m a pessimist and the more folks will do the research to try to avoid just blindly voting for party politics and really focus on the issues that matter… But then again – what matters to me isn’t what matters to the majority, is it? I mean, if gays getting married meant that taxes would go up – I’m pretty sure that I’d still have an eternal fiancé rather than a husband. Regardless, the most important thing is that you actually (functionally) get out there and vote! Even if it’s to go into the little voting booth and cut a glory hole in the wall: get the fuck out there…

If there is one sentiment I DO believe in – it’s that you can’t really complain if you didn’t get out there and vote… I mean, technically – if it’s a landslide victory for the opposition, I suppose you CAN still complain, but you just have less weight behind you. And further – I think political bumper stickers should be fucking illegal, because nothing makes me road-rage more than when I have to read the opinions of some douche-bag who thinks it’s important to tell me how “my” political candidate wasn’t his/her fault. Ya know what? I wasn’t born yesterday – and I’ve seen Republicans and Democrats alike do shit that I didn’t approve of. Every choice we make is a “lesser of two evils”, not because the candidates are ACTUALLY physically evil but because they don’t agree with us on every platform and will never truly “represent me” to a degree that I feel comfortable with. And regardless of what you may say – Bush wasn’t evil so much as he was fucking retarded.

But luckily, we have another year to get through before the Presidential smear-campaigns can go into full swing, so for the time being, I can focus on all the OTHER drama in my life that doesn’t involve my rights and freedoms slowly dwindling down to nothing… Not that I have any real drama in MY life – it tends to just follow my friends around so I can look at it from just close enough to hear all the fun stuff, but far enough away to not really involve me. YAY!

PS: Someone donate me some money for a Fleshlight – apparently they’re making Avatar Na’vi-vagina models, and I always said: if I was gonna fuck a vag, it would be a simulated alien vag. For realz.

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Discussion (8) ¬

  1. Sultmhoor

    That or a haircut for xmas?

  2. Head Artist

    From you? The haircut. DEFINITELY the haircut.

  3. Sanjay

    I can’t help but wonder if those Fleshlights are the standard ones just dyed blue.

  4. Sultmhoor

    They’re not ;) Take it from an aficionado!

  5. Furmen Sakume

    There’s just far too many commercials kicking me in the nuts each candidate smearing the other’s names left and right. I personally don’t vote, that way nomatter who wins the election, I can still bitch.

  6. Gary

    Hmmm….reality TV or lieing thieving politicians? I’d rather watch paint dry all night!

  7. Marvin

    Awesome comic.

  8. ScottLee

    very well done

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