Super Green

Hypocrisy is a dish best served cold… and smacked upside someone’s head when they can’t remember two utterly simple words. Senator Rod Jetton is said to have assaulted a women during a bit of a sexy romp, and let me just point something out here… if you plan to include choking as part of your “conventional, conservative” love-fest: maybe you should work out a NON-VERBAL means of communicating. With a name like Rod Jetton, though – I would have expected no less. I bet he really get’s the ladies going, and no doubt takes after Michael Duvall when it comes to the drip-factor.

But these are all allegations for right now, and I’m sure they’re totally not true, right? I’m also totally sure I’m not prejudice against people with lazy eyes. Quite honestly, it doesn’t bother me except when I’m trying to figure out if a guy is checking me out – because that other eye usually just seems comfortable and like its eyeing my junk, even when the dude is not. It makes for awkward moments at urinals as well, I’m sure…

Aside from that – the comic is growing, and that’s an awesome thing to see. I tend to be the kind of guy who throws friends into my strips just because I think they’d like it – but then one of my dear brother gays pointed out that he would actually be willing to pay for a signed copy of a strip featuring him. This got me thinking – would there actually be a market for that? How many people actually want to be in a comic strip? Have you ever said to yourself, “Man, if only I could fuck a meat can in a cartoon!” or “Boy, would I like to be receiving oral sex behind a coffee shop… but digitally!” Shoot me some feedback if you’d like! I’m always looking for new ideas when it comes to the site and more, and keep in mind: when it comes to practicing safe sex…

Cartoon-sex is the safest sex of all.

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Discussion (9) ¬

  1. Genevieve

    is this a fifth element reference?

  2. Head Artist

    The title? But of course. I sat there, thinking, “what should I call this? Hmmm… Green, Green, Green… Emerald Green… SUPER Green…”

  3. Genevieve

    love it and you x

  4. Iasmindecordoba

    Pay…barter…offer various men we know as models who owe us favors…Yeah I’m sure there’s interest. :)

  5. Marvin

    One of my tragic date blog post would certainly make for an interesting and funny strip. Ask Kevin about Marvin and Cap’n shitty sheets.

  6. Glenn Lee

    I’d be a willing participant, only if I’m dressed in a Santa suit getting banged by a couple superchubs :) *drool*

  7. Rayne

    These two are so $&#*^! adorable, in a hot raunchy kinda way.

  8. Travis

    Yes Sir!

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