Extra Fromunda, Heavy on the Sauce

There’s something about cleanliness and its position next to godliness which truly causes self-cleaning to gain a level of importance. I mean, if I ever intend to be the gay Jesus – I need to start acting like it now, right? And growing out my hair again… but that likely won’t happen. Anyway – the trouble is that I have no problem with a man with a good smell of hard work about him. There’s that sweat (or glow) that’s excusable, because it says, “I’m putting in the effort, because I’m a man…” But yellow pit-stains and the scent of brimstone when a dude walks by just doesn’t shout ‘get my clothes off and go to town on my pungent nethers’.

Realistically, though – it really depends on the man. I can think of a certain object of my lust, whose fault it was (by no real doing of his own) that I was outed to my parents. He did suffer from a dire need for a pit-bleaching, but I would have found the means to ignore any distasteful sensibility if the opportunity had ever arose. But thus is the nature of High School crushes. Hmm… but perhaps I have said too much.

Regardless, those coming in looking for the next in the Christmas series may well be disappointed – because the Christmas ‘theme’ tend to be my Saturday comics… and while there is only one Saturday left before Christmas –I will share that I do have plans to plug another strip regarding the big bellied bringer of booty  prior to C-Day. And whose to say – next year may bring tidings of joy and the return of Cockblock, still up to his old tricks again… Now, back to my Christmas wish list…

Item 1104: Hollowed out teddy bear/fleshlight cozy.

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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. Marvin

    You’re a plushie too? Where does your kink end?

  2. Head Artist

    I’m sorry to say that my mental kink doesn’t have an end… no – wait… The video of the carebear being vomited on, pissed on, and then masturbated on comes to mind.

    I end before that.

  3. Marvin

    You’ve been talking to Kevin….

  4. Glenn Lee

    Wow, that comic idea sounds pretty grody. Pepperoni condoms.

  5. Colicub

    I think I may have linked Kevin to that video. Oh dear.

  6. Rondacker

    Back to Brad Pitt again…
    some have said that he can build up a really nasty funk BO smell

    now how can I find out if this is really true?
    Rondacker´s last blog ..exhibitions – Will Brady at La Paloma in Hartford My ComLuv Profile

  7. Travis

    Love the Drano for my brain bit, I’m going to borrow it. As for the Fleshlight cozy idea…brilliant!

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