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Hi. How are you doing? Have you been living under a rock? No? Then I’m sure you’ve heard this whole Marcus Bachmann debacle. The man acts in such a way as to be, without question, gay. This is not to say that all of us show tell-tale signs of our homosexuality – but in my opinion (and in the opinion of many others) Marcus “flames”. He also has said that his psychiatric center does not try to “fix” homosexuals – however, an undercover investigation which was performed recently proved otherwise…

The real thing which always makes me emotionally turn into a mixed-drink of anger and amusement is that anyone would think that being gay is something that you can fix. Fuck it, call it a sin if you want to. Tell me I’m a bad person and I’m going to burn in hell for what I do – but don’t tell me that its some form of mental disorder that can be medicated or brainwashed away. Fuck that. I’d rather be called a sinner than “crazy for cock” (though that may have been said about me once or twice).

I remember how angry I used to get when people would say that it’s a “choice” to be gay. In truth, the choice isn’t being gay – but whether or not we act out on our impulses to BE gay. That’s why people hate homosexuals, if you ask me. They’ve been brainwashed all their life into believing that what felt “right” and “good” was a test put in front of them by God. Why do you think so many “straight” married men troll around on Craigslist once they hit a certain age. In truth, you can only lie to yourself and bury your true nature for so long before you just have to accept it and explore it… It’s fucking sad is what it is.

But hey – this is somewhat of a topic that grinds my gears a bit, and to be honest, this blog is being written after a few hard ciders… so I’m doing my best to stay on track here!

On a serious and somber note: one thing keeps popping in my head, though – and that’s thoughts about a recently loss to our Bear-brethren ranks. Those who knew Scott McAllister are definitely feeling a loss right now – and those from the Detroit area are pretty deep in the emotions that come with the unexpected loss of someone FAR too fucking young to go. Scott was a person I chatted with long before I did the comic, but his enthusiasm about what I did was fucking addictive. When I started coming around the local bear club – he definitely was one of the warm, welcoming faces.

I think it goes without saying, though – that celebrating life is always the best alternative to focusing on a passing.

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  1. Drew

    It’s awesome to see the major news stations are finally picking up on the story of this clinic. The gay advocacy group TWO (Truth Wins Out) did an amazing job breaking the story about these charletans – here’s the link to the ABC Nightline report.

  2. TimCT

    Yeah, the great old “choice” argument. I’ve always said “if it’s a choice, how many guys have you had sex with before you realized you liked girls”?

  3. Frank

    “Choosy gays choose dick”

  4. cubx

    So if praying can make me straight, then I guess I’ll be able to eat “fishy” tasting food as well….

  5. Matthew

    I knew Scott pretty well 10 years ago when he lived here in Phoenix… what a great guy! We would do Jager shots at the leather bar (long since closed down), and whenever a hot chubby would walk in, we’d shove each other out of the way to get to him… those were the days! Then he found a good man to hold onto and moved away. I was sad when he left, but I’m glad he found and inspired you!
    As for gayness, all you can do is repress it or accept it. One of my mom’s friends says she knew I was gay when I was 2; her own son was gay and she knew the signs… wish she’d told me! Could have been all the ABBA and Barbra and the naked GI Joe’s.

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