About BtL

What if you could get paid for doing something you love?

It’s an amazing question and one that’s kept me up many long nights. But what, you might ask, does Bob love? Well, that’s simple my kind readers… Drawing comics and having sex with men. So – why not take those two things and put them together in some form of an unholy alliance to create a dream-job…

A gay webcomic.

Now, originally, the plan was to just have some hardcore sex with dudes and then draw their orgasm-faces in amazingly funny caricatures which I could sell back to them… but that felt a little bit too much like prostitution. Not that I have a problem with that – but in these economic times in Michigan, well, I’m the one offering pocketchange for head outside the unemployment office.

Bob was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area in Michigan.  He went to Catholic School all his life and spent much of his time lusting after his sports-coaches and the occassional priest.  He was a creative guy with a bright and shining future, who moved off to Toledo to be with his partner as soon as he graduated High School.  Moving back to Michigan a few years later, he became jaded after spending some time doing Graphic Design and realized that he didn’t want to have to create art by anyone else’s specifications.

Blur the Lines is a labor of love brought on by the realization that its always better to “write what you know”… and what Bob knows is that he’s an opinionated asshole. Many of the comics are actually practically transcribed from conversations that Bob has had with his partner Mike on long car rides. The opinions expressed in this comic are merely that – opinions… and should anyone be offended as a result, well…

Blur the Lines updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week!

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